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What is the most important political issue facing the US today?

Total Voters: 6099
Foreign Policy 6%
Taxes 6%
National Debt 6%
Unemployment 6%
Other 6%
Randy04/06/137:17pmGreat Susan! Yes!! Please join! Maybe we can become GREAT parents!
Susan04/03/1311:18amWhat a dam good site this wow!!! People are sooooo pleasant here. Can I join to?? THANKS! I'll Be BACK!!
Tell It Like It Is04/02/138:22pmThis is America!! This webpage allows us to have freedom of speech. Don't like it? LEAVE!!
Justin04/02/139:27amYes!! I totally agree with you, Heather!!. Not a very nice place to come and read. Especially comments from ANY of these people. GOD!, HOW RUDE can this get OR even be?? I DO VERY much agree WITH YOU ALSO, DO REMOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!!! If they can not comment nice on this page to the question as was asked? then yes....I DO VERY MUCH AGREE---REMOVE THIS PAGE!!!
Heather04/02/137:16amDoes not anyone here know how to be or talk nice? Oh, I didn't think so. This website should be removed. I came in here to have my reading done and thought I come in here to see if any comments. WELL? I was wrong. Comments like this? well?. Ohhhh...what is this world coming to???? No one can talk nor write nice comments in here anymore. Too bad! SHAMEFUL!!!!
Tell It Like it Is04/01/137:51pmTo: Asshole, Take a piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your mouth. I can't help it if you are dumb and childish. I hate war and evil, childish behavior. I just asked to change the poll and to make a person realize their childish stupidity.
Does anyone else here want to be assholes?04/01/138:37amTo: Tell It Like It Is. Hey who u calling dummy?? U are not much any smater then the rest of us. U R A **** FACE...GET THE **** OUTTA HERE...YOU WANT WAR??? GO THERE AND C WHAT WAR IS LIKE. And stop calling everyone else a Dummy!. U **** FACE!!!!!!
Tell It Like It Is03/30/136:33pmTo: " I am a professional psychic".... Yes, I do agree there is a BIG change coming........A WAR!! Dumb-dumb, don't you realize North and South Korea are at war? Do you realize what could happen to us? They are NUTS! A Good change is coming you said? You're as NUTTY as North and South Korea and your FAKE. Get a life! And lets get another poll please!!
Physic Powers03/16/131:29amI want to get my free tarot readings
I am a Professional Psychic03/12/137:22amHistory change or not, there is A BIG change is coming!. Ya just gotta wait. It is coming! AND it is GOOD! VERY GOOD!
Chris03/11/1312:50pmHistory repeats itself and we are ancient Rome. Our legions are in foreign lands fighting endless wars to expand our form of government in other countries. We have distinct classes of people that are protecting their place and wealth in their societies. Professional politicians are making careers out of government and are receiving liftime benefits for themselves and their families rather than focusing on service to others. Our government is dysfunctional, has lost touch with the common citizen and cannot make laws that benefit people in general. Our Ceasar (President) has completly lost touch with the American people, lives in secluded oppulance while the homeless starve, and has banned his landlords from visiting the White House one day a week instead of holding government accountable for funding shortfalls. Where is the America we were promised?
So there you go03/09/137:17amAs I was saying here...again? God save this WHOLE BLOODY PLANET!!!!!!
Jen03/09/137:04amStop making war on God's green herb and ancient sacred oil tree, stop denying the sick his wondros powers to heal and soothe - how we suffer still from the leaded fuel and paint that replaced hemp fuel and fiber textiles - a gruel of its omega rich seed and water could sustain life on its own warding off starvation in generations of mankind - our forefathers grew acres of it, and it was their most prescribed anti tumor medication ~ free your prisoners, long live the trees of life !, #1 prisonland usa!
So there you go03/06/138:16amGod save this WHOLE BLOODY PLANET!!!!!!
Truth Seeker03/05/138:08pmSadly, America abandoned God. However, we each, can make the choice to return and cling to Him and pray. He may still heal our land.
Saddened03/03/135:22pmGod save America.
Szabadsag02/21/134:28pmMolonLabe. He who has the $$$$$$ has the power. No to taxes.
Spirit02/12/135:09amAttn: Truth Seeker: I would put my faith in a tarot card, but NOT into a PUPPET president! It's not just Obama it's ALL of them before and after (if any?) Democratics or's all the same difference. They are TOLD what to do by the "Shadow Govt" that we never see, except at the G20 meetings, CFR conferences or....Bohemian Grove! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Do your research, it's the "Elite" that has DUPED you, not any innocent & powerless card. It's interesting that this poll is so evenly rated in all categories, which tells me ALL these problems are equally bad and ignored by the govt. "We the People" are properly screwed if we don't take the country back from the evil grip of the criminal politicians. ~ Godspeed ~
Tyr02/11/1310:28amHey Truth. Seeker what so you care
Truth Seeker01/23/134:14pmAnyone who puts his/her faith in a card is being duped. If you are seeking for REAL answers why not go where you can find them... God, your creator.
Have a nice day01/10/138:14amHEY!! I DID MY TAROT READING AND, I GOT A GREAT READING!!!!!!!!. Isn't that AWESOME!!!!. LOL!!.
Steve01/10/134:38amI really don't care what the socialist/democrats say! Obama is an ass and is not what this country needs. Now he is trying to take away our guns. He is so stupid! You take the guns away from the Good an Honest folks but the crooks will have them. What we need is tougher laws that when a murderer etc. Once they are found guilty that need to take them out back and shoot them. No overcrowding in prision and it would make people think before committing a crime. You murder, rape someone---it should be instant death. the worse the crime the worse the punishment. Murder should be instant death, rape also. Drug dealer or user--life in prision. Bank Robber life in prision. So it is either death or life in prision. If you rape someone you need to have your thing cut off and still get a life sentence.
Jordan7701/09/1310:18amThe primary reason Bush/Cheney dragged our service people to war in Iraq was to feed capitalist new sources of revenue paid for by the taxpayer by opening up no bid contracts to war profiteers and big oil. We lost lives, the wealth of the nation and they held us in so little regard or even contempt to the point of electrocuting service people and claiming indemnity for their incompetence, loading up service people with carcinogens with lies as blatant as the WMD excuse that got us into that war along with the even more obvious one about Saddam being in cahoots with ObL even though they were mortal enemies. The entire decade was a fabrication of lies to drain America of wealth so as to starve the beast, the beast being the accrued and paid for benefits we earned such as Medicare and social insurance. They couldn’t leave us with anything as that meant that there were struggling billionaires going without the crumbs we still had. In military parlance service personnel losing their lives due to corporate greed and negligence would be classed as collateral damage by corporations as was the economy classed when the rampant greedfest lead to the collapse of the world’s economy in 2008 and the pre-drained buffer in the economy due to this war of exploitation and other reckless spending. Of course these Republican crony capitalists want us to pick up the tab again as they have had open slather at the trough for years and burying service people isn’t their problem even though the war they lost their lives in was manufactured as a get richer quicker scheme just for them. Or as GW said on the outset to these same people, some people call you the have mores. I call you my base.
Tammy01/08/138:12amMy dog could do a better job than Obama. Obama should have not been able to run and win because he is not an American citizen. How come noone knows of him at his college and where are his friends and girlfriends from his past. Don't you think it is strange that noone knows of him. That twit of a wife of his was a plant. She is actually more radical than he is. She also hates white folks. They are socialists and their main objective to to destroy this country.
Joannie01/05/138:18amMay I ask a question here???? WHO WOULD YOU WANT FOR YOUR PRES????? WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE AS YOUR PRES??????
Carl01/04/1312:34pmThis whole country is screwed because of Obama the F_C_ING Putz!! He is a socialist and should be kicked out of here. I still cannot believe how stupid america was for voting for the putz.......When the country is bankrupt Conservatives will blame the idiots that voted him in.
Tammy01/04/1312:22pmThe most important issue is the damn taxes we are all going to have to pay for the Obamacare crap. I do not want to pay for some low life to have insurance. Deport the Mother ****ers!!!! Then drop kick Obama to some communist country. That is where he belongs.
Chris12/30/127:53pmTina Marie you have such wonderful ideas for a world that is so harsh. Young lady you need to take a moment to open up your eyes and see the world for what it is, people and groups who want power. None of the groups you mentioned will ever disappear because they are needed to distract the masses from the real issues. We are going over a fiscal cliff because not because Congress can't agree or the President can't lead, but because Congress doesn't want to vote for a tax increase. When the the fiscal cliff acts are enforced and milk is 8 bucks a gallon then Congress will agree because they will be voting for a tax cut and price reduction in basic staples which will be much better at re-election time. The homeless, unemployment benefits, the economy, and taxes are just a smoke screen until taxes can be lowered. If President Obama wanted it done now he could do so without Congress by Executive Order and the problem could be solved. It would then be up to a Congress that cannot agree to over ride the Executive Order.
Teena Marie12/25/125:40pmTina Marie: I just want to be ur lover girl. I just want to rock ur world.
HA HA HA HA HA HA12/21/127:32amOhh dam..we're still here!!! So much for this Mayan calander!! WHAT A F-UCKING JOKE!!!! Goes to show you not listen to anyone!!!!. ONLY one knows when the last day is---or this dooms day is. !!!
Tina Marie12/18/1210:27pmReally? Are we arguing about twinkies? How childish.. Obama isn't the problem. The problem is that every time he tries to do anything helpful, the house/senate can't agree to come to an agreement for we the people.s sake.. The real issue isn't homelessness either. Homelessness if the effect of other bigger issues. I believe if the tax situation was fixed, and employment was once again available, things like homelessness and hunger and welfare issues would begin to correct themselves.
The Mayan Calander12/15/122:59pmWell? "The Last Days" and "Dooms Day" is JUST around the corner..what are YOUR plans?? LOL! I am going to go and have my last day of FUN FUN FUN!!!. Ohh hell with it..what everrrrrr!!! Catch ya's on the other side of things!!
Chris12/13/126:48pmI'll say it in Olde English for you, "Thou acteth liketh the hind quarters of mine horse." How about the 18th century American Frontiersman, "That boy acts like the north end of a south bound moose." How about like an Italian immigrant of the 1920's, "Momma mia! Dominic acts like a choc!" How about a German immigrant brought over by the government right after WWII to work on oyr rocket program, "Ach de leiber! What a redneck!" What about a Jew living in Alabama, "Holy Jehovah! What a redneck!" Finally, for you in modern English, "What an Ass!"
Ohh-ok fine12/13/1210:23amHmm can u say it in simple english please???
Guadalupe12/12/126:20amHttp:// In 1531 in Mexico, when the land was still under the bloody influence of the Aztecs who practiced human sacrifice at the tune of 50,000 lives every year and on those special occasions when they dedicated a new temple, the human sacrifice was about 80,000 people offered to the serpent god, Our Lady appeared to a poor Indian by the name of Juan Diego. He was a very humble and devout Christian. On a certain occasion, in December of 1531, when he was on his way to mass, he heard a young woman’s voice call out to him “Juanito, Juan Diegito, and the most humble of my children”. She identified herself as the Mother of God, the Creator and Lord of heaven and earth. She requested Juan Diego to ask the bishop to erect a church in that place. The bishop hesitated and demanded a sign of the Lady to be sure that the request was truly from Mary Mother of God. Juan Diego returned to Our Lady and told her what the bishop asked for. Our Lady invited Juan Diego to go on top of a hill and to pick-up the flowers that he finds. He did so. There were beautiful roses growing on that hill, something amazing first of all because this was December and flowers did not grow that time of year. But also, because these roses were native of Spain and there were none like them in the region. Our Lady arranged the roses with her own hands in Juan Diego’s “tilma”, a poor quality, coarse, cactus cloth. Juan Diego hurried to the bishop’s house to give him the “sign” which he had requested. Upon entering the living area where the bishop was, he awkwardly dropped the end of his “tilma” and the roses came cascading down and revealed the most amazing image… Our Lady herself appeared on this cloth! She looked like a young Indian girl clothed with the radiance of the sun, the moon under her feet, and she is carried by an angel. She is wearing a mantle like the star studded night sky, and she appears to be with child wearing the black ribbon around her waist as was the custom of the Indians at the time. The Tilma which should have deteriorated after 20 to 40 years at most, still shows no sign of decay whatsoever, to this day almost 500 years later! It has been examined by many experts and the image is still a mystery and baffles all who have inspected it. It does not penetrate the fiber, but rather seems to “float” over it. Expert ophthalmologists, who have scrutinized the eyes of the image, have testified that they seem to be looking into a “living eye” and not an image. Also, reflected in her eyes are various human figures who appear to be Juan Diego, the bishop and others, including a family with a woman carrying a child on her back, as was the custom of the Indians of that day. In our times, when families are under attack, and children in the womb are particularly at risk of abortion, which is the new bloody sacrifice of the ancient serpent, Our Lady comes to remind us the value of life and of family. There have been innumerable miracles attributed to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There is a stream of pilgrims, between 18 and 20 millions yearly, who visit the basilica which now enshrines the image, making it Christianity’s most visited sanctuary. “Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear that sickness (his uncle was very sick at the time), nor any other sickness or anguish. Am I not here, who am your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything.” (Words of Our Lady to Juan Diego)
Chris12/08/127:26pmCarl, I'll say in plain language for you. You're an ass. You're still talking about getting rid of someone who can't be prevented from taking office through the election process. Right now our options are through the House and the Senate. The real shame of this whole debacle is that the people we elected who are supposed to be working for you and me are holding us at ransom. I don't care what party affiliation they have or economic philosophy they propose, these morons who are secure for life are holding us hostage when we depend on two plus incomes to keep our families and homes together. That's what you should be angry about.
Twinkie12/07/125:29pmChubb! You are a dumb ass s.h.i.t! Get another place to stay! Leave! And dont ever block anyone's messages again. Make urself another big, fat twinkie. Eat all the cupcakes u want.
Carl12/07/1210:54amObama needs to have his head examined. Taxing the rich will not help. The ass needs to stop spending and cut programs. Taxing the rich will only cut more jobs and people like me will be out of work. All the tax breaks should be extended forever. This government needs to first stop spending my money and maybe I would consider paying some taxes. Not now though till that ass Obama stops spending. I still cannot believe how stupid people are for voting this ass back in. People really are ****ed.
HUH????12/05/128:31pmOhhh NOOO!! R we started THIS again???? LIKE??? get over it..ok? Like????? get a life..ok? Obama is in..rather u like it or let's get over it!.
Chris12/05/125:46pmCarl you're a month behind. Obama will be gone in four years myou moron. Get with the program. The imnportant thingis to get on the nitwits in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats and tell them to do their jobs. In this case President Obama is correct. The rich need to pay more to reduce the deficit or the middle class will be destroyed. If we go over the fiscal cliff we will fall into the fiscal abyss and may never see the light of day again.
Carl12/05/128:42amThe most important thing is to get rid of OBAMA. He is a ****ed Moran!!!
Carla Mack11/25/122:01pmAll the ding dongs I hang around with sure is making me hungry! ALOT of ding dongs hang around my home.
Chris11/24/127:45pmKatrina, buy a bunch of twinkies and make some shelters for the homeless over some heated grates! Those twinkies will hold up to just about anything. Rain, snow, sun, wind. I mean twinkies are just about indestructible. Up to now twinkies and roaches were the only things that were to survive a nuclear blast. Now all we have left is the roaches.
Katrina11/24/125:59pmMy vote was for other. Other, meaning The Homeless. A very very large percentage of Americans are homeless today. So sad. I cannot tell you the sadness I feel for them.
Susan Boyle11/24/129:10amTwinkies??? YUUUUUKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FAT FOR ME! I want to keep my figure "8" thankyou!! I LOVE my figure. OHHH MY! I am JUUSST looking at myself in the mirror..I LOVE my SINGING and MY FIGURE!! You can now order my NEW CD "Standing Ovation" online!! OHH LOVE my FIGURE!!!
LMFAO11/24/125:10amOhhh Are we EVER starting this page off GREAT!! AWESOME!!! Just LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--LOVE!! This LOVELY lanuage!! WOW!! MAN!! LOVELY!! Keep it up!! AWESOME!! JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME..I tell ya!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ding Dong11/23/125:09pmShaggy, Get the FUK out of here! Leave alone Mystic. Leave alone my life. Leave everyone alone! I see you going to prison. And as for Dumb Dumb Mystic: Who the fuk are you? This is a free country with free speech. Get the fuk out of here and leave with Shaggy. Twinkie was making a point and I respect it. Now fukking leave everyone alone!
Mystic-tarot11/22/126:39amHEY Twinkie!! Can't write or say a kind word?? "Wonder Bread" was just saying a comment, an opinion...u do not like it? WELL? that's YOUR problem!!! !. YOUR the "BORING one"!!! You can't say or write a kind word? then?? well? you know what to do! STICK-IT BABY!!!!!
Twinkie11/21/128:35pmWonder Bread? Are u really that boring? A good, interesting poll is always out-of-line. More respect? What? Respect is allowing others to speak their heart and mind and making no harmful comments on their thoughts. S.hit! I need a twinkie!
Chris11/20/128:18pmJust think. Without Twinkies we can't call fat people "Twinkie Silos".
Me11/18/128:10amAll of these political issues are of equal importance.
Wonder Bread11/18/125:27amNot just twinkies..BUT Wonder Bread too! Ohhh well...Hope to see some KINDNESS and MORE RESPECT on this poll???? That last poll? WAS WAYYYY TOO OUT OF LINE!!!. SO? How about putting some "kind words and MORE Respect"? Let's see what happends on here?
Twinkie11/17/126:54pmHi. I know this poll is a very important issue. But can this poll subject wait? Remember back when we were children? And remember when our parents packed our lunches? Hostess is leaving us and the United States. No more twinkies. No more cupcakes. No more Ho Ho's. Help! Can we make a new poll issue on Hostess?

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