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If you caught your spouse cheating, would you give them a second chance?

Total Voters: 16011
No second changes 2%
Yes 2%
Only if married for a long time 2%
Only if we had kids 2%
Undecided 2%
This poll is still here. 03/31/147:00amHmm, this poll is still here. Why does this NOT surprise me?
Zness02/23/141:11pmWhy can't people just be kind, it's okay to have a option's of your choices, I myself have little concern with what other people think they have nothing to do with my life I love this site, and enjoy and don't make a big deal off of other people words....they don't mean anything, not even to themselves goddess here sending many blessing
Zan02/03/143:49pmYes a second chance...If it didn't work then at least we tried
Jim01/23/149:07am@Kelli: Who is this "Basia (Basha) Newton.??? I would like more info bout THIS chick! (I hope that this chick hasn't got anything to do with this site??) @Mike: thanks..did send a remark on this site to change poll!
Kelli01/19/145:58pmI have really reached out to this site. This site is getting so negative and worse than bad. I have nothing more to say on these discussions and polls thanks to and evil, negative, cruel lady by the name of Basia (Basha) Newton. Thanks Basia! You ruined it for everyone!!
Mike01/13/147:05amAt the bottom of the page it says "Contact", I have clicked on 'contant---already tried to contact them but? I am not too sure if anyone will or IS going to do anything about this webpage (Quick Poll) or not!. I "THINK" I know why they will not change this pollsite or "Quick Poll". If everyone can Click 'Contact" at the bottom of the webiste page itself? I am sure someone--that SOMEONE WILL FINALLY do something aobut changing this "Qiuck Poll" question to something else!.
Steph01/12/145:29pmTo the Poll Master: "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" is about you. How dare you ruin it for everyone! Why don't you get your tearbagging life back on track and allow someone else to replace you? Lets get a new poll master.
Kym J. 01/09/1410:14amI see that this poll is still here. I was in here last year, and to see this poll still HERE? I am shocked to still see it here! !. Hmm, Bring on a NEW poll---Please?!
YO01/08/149:18amYeah it's "WAY COOL" alright! They do not want to change this poll never mind on how 'cool' it is!. Is it WAY too cold here. Need warmer!
Maricruz01/07/1412:16pmWay cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up plus the rest of the site is also very good.
Karrie12/30/1310:55amIf the spouse needs to go elsewhere to fulfill their needs then it shows that the relationship is not right...if they are thinking about sleeping around then the relationship should be ended before betrayal is added to the equation. Betrayal is destructive to the recipients self esteem in ways that can carry on for years affecting some for the rest of their lives. To those thinking of being unfaithful: Think about what really is missing in your life and find out if it can be worked through or if you are no longer in love with the person...find the strength to leave. Be True to Yourself
Anonymous12/30/138:20am@Psychic..The Psychic: Yes, I know who you mean. I seen it and have read it. And I do Agree!. @OMG!: Yes, I ALSO agree with you too..this poll has been here for some time now. Need to change, that is for sure! As FOR THIS poll? NA...ME Cheat?? NAAA!!!! I am not married anyways. I not going steady with or with anyone. This makes it MORE easier for me. LOL! Happy New Year everyone!
OMG! 12/26/138:05amThis is STI~~LL HERE? Ohh, never mind! I do not think this not going to be change anytime soon. Look? who ever is looking after this? could we have a different poll/post? What is it going have you people to take to change this? Would like to see something new and different, nothing from past posts! THANKYOU! Oh, BTW? Have a nice day :)
Nora12/22/132:03pmPsychic....the psychic....oh yes psychic, please answer the question: Who are the 2 people that are meant for eachother. Please explain who they are.
Psychic..The Psychic12/22/1311:47amAgain, I must say this. There is two people here, that REALLY should be together!.
Mystic games Admin?? HELLOO??12/21/135:03pmOk guys Like who(m)ever does these posts could we have a change PLE~~ASE?!...this is NOT funny anymore, could we have someone here change the post ALREADY?? like?? It's getting TOO BORING!!!! It is the same dam answer. NO CHANCES! Will NOT take my spouse back, O-K?? CHANGE THE DAM POLL/POST!!!!
OHHH interesting--poll still here12/20/136:16am@Poll Change, YES I have been saying and posting the same dam thing. BUT no reply. I THINK.."THINK" I know why they will not change it. I maybe wrong..but..have to wait and see if I am right.
Poll Change12/18/138:53pmThe person who's controlling this poll is very lazy and could care less about the discussions on here. I've never seen it like this. The longest we had to wait for a poll change was maybe 3 weeks. Can we get a new poll master?
Charmain12/16/132:55amHowdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you're using? I'm looking to start my own blog soon but I'm having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I'm looking for something unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!
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Ya eye12/06/1312:19pmNo more 2nd chance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Pat11/20/136:48amIf there was a letter "E"---Change post now"? well? you know where my vote would be--- E. Change Post Now!
HUH? 11/19/136:06amNo comment!
Chris11/18/137:53pmIf you caught this quick poll addressing another topic, would you give it a second chance - A - No second chances, B - Yes, C- Only if I got married while waiting for the poll to change, D - Only if I had children while waiting for the poll to change, D - Undecided.
Please---change post already!11/14/136:05amThis post is STILL HERE??? HELLLLOOOOO can anyone who looks after this post...could you kindly change this? And, yes to something NEW!
Mary11/11/136:21amYes, I so AGREE! with the 2 prev. Need something new! Nothing from prev postings. Just SOMETHING NEW! Remember those who gave their lives "Lest We Forget"!!! Have a Good day everyone!
Nora11/09/131:38pmMy apologies. This poll has been going on since April. I don't know why I said February. Can our next poll be something fun? Something about the holidays maybe?
NEW POLL PLEASE!11/09/136:21amThis was page was on and posted in April @Nora. Not February. And YES..I Agree.....NEW POLL PLEASE!!!!!! I want something that is NEW, not post that were repeated from previous times!. Thankyou!
Nora11/07/137:43pmThis poll subject has been going on since February. isn't there another subject we can all talk about? This is getting boring and dull.
Atom10/30/131:22pmI cheated on my fiance once in the beginning of our relationship. I'm not proud of it. When she learned of it, I just thought "what have I done?" But she forgave me. Told me not do that again of course. But she stuck with me. There is no way I'm going hurt her. And I feel, if she can be that forgiving at least once, who am I to just break it off. This woman loves me. I know she won't. But if she did, I would simply ask, "are you finished?" If she said yes, I would take her into my arms, and tell her, I love you. Why would I risk losing a woman who actually loves me?
Chris10/23/138:45am@Steph - I have a life remember? You keep unsuccessfully trying to tell me how to run it.
Steph10/22/135:25amChris, Fuk off and get a life!
Chris10/20/131:34pm@Steph - What do you want!?! First its lay off Obama. Then its your controlling the page. Well, I'm going to give you a few words that will make sense to you as you tried to make sense to me. Why don't you just grow up. We're tired of you constant whining about everything. This isn't right. That isn't right. Give us a break. Go shopping and satisfy your shallow personality and reason for existence.
Steph10/18/137:07pmChris, sometimes you act as though you're in charge of the poll and own this web page. That's why sometimes I choose not to make comments on the poll and I get so annoyed with you! Will you stop it please?
NEW POLL! PLEASE10/17/138:31amNEW POLL PLEASE!!!!!! I want something that is NEW, not post that were repeated from previous times!. Thankyou!
Donna10/15/136:00amYou are welcome @Chris! B kind to yourselve and/as to others.! AND remember..treat the lady with TRUE love! NOW? U Have a McHappy day ok?! :)
Chris10/14/138:36pm@ Donna - Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. You have given me a great deal to think about. Thank you for saying I seem like a good person because I try very hard to be so. Thank you again.
Donna10/14/137:13am@Chris: I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here. You do not have to always buy flowers, go out to a movie, or take her out and paint the town 'red'. A woman needs to be loved. Like I is NOT THEE Only answer. True HONEST love!. Not this "slam bam thankyou mam"..or the 4 "F's" "Find them, feel them, F*ck them and forget them". Chris...just be seem to be a good person. Just---be honest and truthful..and most of her..hold her tight..and take care of her..and I do not mean money! You do not need me to tell you about the 'birds & the bees'. LOVE a woman for WHO she is and WHAT she is!..believe you will do AWESOME! I? I wish you luck on this, my friend!
Chris10/13/136:38pm@ Donna - Thank you for your views. I find your comments enlightening. I agree with you that a successful relationship is based on mutual trust and an investment of time with each other. I also find you comments confusing. Bringing flowers home, or dancing, or going out to dinner is like shopping, but the partner is doing it. I realize that money is required to do most things in life, but I like someone who will spend time and respect who I am first. Just as I try to find out who the other person is and respect her qualities first. I don't expect a woman to buy me something or give me money if our relationship has been tarnished. I expect her to work it out with me on an emotional level so we become stronger.
Donna10/11/131:33pm@Steph & @Chris, FOR both of you, you got to know how to treat a woman! I do NOT shop..I do NOT like shopping. SO~ That remark for me only, is out of the question. Just treat a woman with ALOT of trust, respect, love. You would want to provide her with other things like: flowers, take her out to dinner and a movie, oh and maybe to a dance? hmm? I myself, I do not need nor want money to make me happy. To me? money is not EVERYTHING!. Maybe to MOST women, but? not me! So treat your women RIGHT! Good luck to you BOTH!.
Chris10/07/137:28pmSteph, I greatly appreciate your insights and I find your comments very interesting. I can understand that a woman will thrive on comfort and security, but I'm having a difficult time understanding that comfort and security will come from possessions. In this case, why doesn't comfort and security come from maintaining her own integrity and demanding fidelity in her marriage? I would think that the courts would totally support her as she sued for divorce. I personally think that a man who treats his wife this way isn't a man and he deserves what is coming to him through the courts.
Steph10/07/136:52pmChris, she's looking for comfort and security. She's getting comfort and security. And she's looking good while she's getting her comfort and security. SHOPPING cures all!!
Chris10/07/137:48amSteph, does that heal the pain or does it mask it enough that the couple can pretend that everything is okay? From my viewpoint it seems that the guy is buying tolerance and not amending his behavior. Is this incorrect from a woman's viewpoint or is she looking for comfort and security?
Steph10/05/136:57pmChris: HELLO?? How can a woman accept multiple acts of cheating by her husband and still stay in the marriage???? The answer is one word: SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! Give the lady cash and credit cards and let her go SHOPPING!!!!!!! It ends all the grief and helps the marriage stay alive and very long lasting.
Chris10/03/134:53amOOOOPPPSSS! Major typo in the last sentence. It should read, "I WOULD NOT blame the wife if she threw her spouse out on his/her keester!" Please accept my apologies if I offended you or mislead you.
Chris10/02/137:44pmCan a number of people help me to understand situations regarding infidelity? How can a woman accept multiple acts of cheating throughout her marriage by her partner and still remain loyal to her partner? It reminds me of a physically abusive relationship where a child (the woman) seeks the abusive adult's (the cheating spouse) approval by accepting blame at some level. I have a hard time with this and would blame the wife if she did throw the husband out on his keester.
Pollchange10/01/137:56pmI don't know who is in charge of the poll subjects and discussions, but it seems to be that the person or persons in charge of the polls is either sick, a newlywed, going to school, has a second or third job, going through a divorce, a murder trial, etc. BUT this person is LAZY!!!!!!!! WE need a NEW poll!!
Stick with the subject!!!!!!09/30/139:28amI am Stinking with the subject that is and has been provided for me. Yes, you are right Steph...Chris will ONLY come back time after time writing about Politics, no matter what the subject has been provided for ALL of us. I have been writing this and trying to say this ever since this page has began. LET'S STICK WITH THE SUBJECT!. I think what it that Chris and others like him are their Own group, they have their own group of people that want to change the subject back to politics, instead of STICKING with it (the subject).! It ANGERS me too, also. !! People like this? Well.......? Let me just say..they JUST BORE ME!!
Steph09/29/1312:27pmCaryn, you don't get it. Chris and the others will never leave and will ALWAYS interrupt the poll and talk about politics and how much they hate Obama. Chris is a crack-up though. Meaning, he can be very funny and he is very intelligent. If you ignore Chris, he will keep talking and talking and talking about Obama and democrats. It angers me too, but poll after poll Chris and the others do this. By the way Caryn, I am very happy you stayed with your husband.
Caryn09/29/133:24amI have an idea, please let me share: If someone isn't sticking to the subject, then just ignore them, they will tire of being ignored and go away. Now...sticking to the subject: Yes, I would forgive my husband if he cheated, in fact he has and I forgave him. It wasn't easy, I was deeply wounded by this, then angry that he betrayed my trust...took me for granted. Sadly he's a bit off...meaning he's Bi-Polar so life changes from moment to moment. I still love him despite himself. When he's more of the man I fell in love with, he's very kind, loving, gentle. Then all hell breaks loose. However, if he were not Bi-Polar, I would leave him. I just can't abandon him...when he needs medical help and counseling. Thanks for reading, wishing you all the wonderful things in life that you desire.
Anonymous09/27/137:27am@Chris? YOU ARE RUDE! Is there anything that you would "LIKE" to say? If not? then keep it to yourself. (EXMAPLE: If you do not have anything to "nice" say then do not say it at all). I have seen and read your comments on here..and I MUST say......U have not said/wrote a kind do not judge others! YOU ARE NOT PREFECT either!!!
Chris09/26/135:35pmDear Yaawwwnnnn - If you are going to insult me please do it with correct grammar. You are using "your" incorrectly. Instead of saying, "Your gay.", it should be, "You are gay." or "You're gay." Please make note of this in the future so you appear more cerebral to others as you insult them.
Gerry09/26/133:43pmMy other-half has been pretty good to me. Although we have had our bad days like any other couples. He is NOT the cheating kind, neither am I am blessed this way!. We are MORE friends then we are Husband and Wife. Looking to spending MORE time with each other. :)
Aphelix09/25/1312:38pmMy ex did cheat on me and also made the women pregnant. After 17 years of marriage, that's how he paid me back for me a great wife. He knows now how big of a mistake he made but I could never trust him again. I can't live my life with doubt in my heart. Life is too short and I am a good women and I will find a good man.
Don09/25/1310:39amWhy are you verbally abusing Chris. He is not stupid and knows that Obama and his anus buddies are screwing the American People. Most of you Liberal Morans out there have no idea what the hell is going on. You all are to busy drinking your wine and snorting your coke. Chris keep on stating your comments It's a free country for now!! At least you understand what is happening out there. maybe the liberals will learn something.
Yaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnnn ur boring Chris09/25/136:17amYep....YOUR GAY!!!! U DO!! SO~~~ Do LO~~~~~VE Obama!!! Keep up with your lovely comments! JUST LOVE THEM TO PIECES! I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!! A "GOOD place to STAY And LIVE!!!! AMEN!! @good place!!
Chris09/25/135:46amDear Yaaaawwwwn - Your personal attack demonstrates a laziness in your capacity for an intellectual discussion. Besides, if you think that telling someone that they are gay is an insult, I feel sorry for you and your backward thinking. Even though it has been failed to be recognized in the past the Gay and Lesbian community has contributed greatly to our country and should be recognized in the future. Remember that our Pledge of Allegiance ends, "With liberty and justice for all."
Yawwwwnnnn09/24/1311:08am@Chris..u REALLY LOVE OBABMA...don't ya!????? U really do! U know how I can tell? You write about him too much..u MUST b gay????? Yeah..that's right. YOUR GAY!!!...Ohh God am I good or WHAT?!
Chris09/23/134:28pmDear Good Place - We do have the right to judge Obama and any other person who is running for office or is an elected official. It is our duty because they are asking for our vote. That's the problem. People don't want to judge others on the basis of their character and points of view. They may vote because the person is an incumbent or is popular or for some other reason which is also within their rights. But an informed voter makes judgments about candidates.
Canada09/23/1312:13pmAnd also Don, I like to add...we let everyone in under the sky.! Whenever u DO come over here to is ALL french. What ever happen to "English". Everyone else is pushing the english and taking over (if u know what I mean). My family came over to learn english..and they speak it VERY well. And they are PROUD to be Canadians. But when we let everyone else in this country they want to take this country over. SO? you are NOT the only one!. Again? I so~ agree with "@good place to stay and live"! I do NOT like our Prime-rib roast--primeminister (Stevie Baby).
Canada09/23/136:31am@Don: Canada is NOT any better with our Prime-rib roast. Our health system is not too hot either. So, do we ALL say "if you can't beat them..might as well join them? or do we say "Screw it"?. Let's all take this up the ANUS!!!! I agree with "@Good place to stay & live". Leave them alone....they will be looked after ALL in good time!, rather you OR anybody else here believes me or not!.
Don09/23/135:38amObama or Not!! I am an american citizen born ad raised here. I did not sneak in and hide like the millions that want everything for free including healthcare which this jerk Obama the anus wants to push. I refuse to pay for illegal folks and people on welfare. Obama needs to be shipped out of America and back to his muslum heritage. By the way, I also can speak my mind in this country, so I will. I will state when the government screws the American (truly american) people. Obama the anus is a socialist moran and should be impeached!! Obamacare is not going to work here, maybe in Russia or China, those communist places but not here. Capitalism is the only way to go and that is why you want to come here and that is why we have millions of illegals here. They know exactly how to screw the system to get stuff for free. Deport all illegals and the brats they have here illegally. My country would be better off....
A GOOD place to Live & Stay09/22/139:53amChris? YOUR "Comment": ---"I am an optimist who seeks a better tomorrow without the current administration". Chris? if your an "Optimist person" then post, write "optimist comments/stuff" ok? If you do not like were u are living...then? get out..move somewhere else...simple as that. I'm glad u don't cheat!..If you do not like Obama..then??? leave him alone! Again? Simple as that!. KISS--keep it simple stupid!. We get "screwed" buy ALL matter who is looking after the country. The goverment only LOVES to say what people WANTS to hear..ever thought of that?. So~ I do not really care about the OR all the goverment. We pay our taxes..we are dues. We work hard..everything is going up..up..up! If we do not pull together...then it is ONLY going to get MUCH worse then we ALREADY see it...and this is including the goverment too. IT ALL of us. Doesn't look too "rosey" does it??? So...make this long conversation short...BE optimist, Chris...and do yourself a fav. Leave Obama alone. U do not like him? leave him alone, ok? I do not care for Obama either..but I am not going to judge him..that is for GOD to do!. NOT ME! NOT US!. You might JUST be suprized...Obama might be a nice guy inside. Have to ask YOURSELF instead of criticizing Obama OR anybody else...what have YOU done wrong in YOUR life. What have your ect have got against YOU that you have done wrong to them???????????? So...again...leave the guy alone. We're humans..We all criticize,
Marie #309/21/136:11pmI apologize Chris!'re spouse is cheating on you!! LOL!! Chris, you're just fun to mess with.
Chris09/20/138:34pmDear Good Place to Live... You proved my point exactly. If freedom of speech is a right why doesn't it apply to me if I disagree with you? I am an optimist who seeks a better tomorrow without the current administration. The next republican democrat or independent needs to change what has been done with good intentions, but is hurting our country. In my opinion, its another case of fixing Jimmy Carter's mess by replacing him. At one time I thought it was possible with the current president and I even voted for him for his first term because I wanted to be part of something historical and I didn't want another four years of the same policies. To say the least I was greatly disappointed. As to respect of others, I would greatly appreciate it if you would point out where I have made a personal attack on anyone at anytime as to the likes that have been made on me. I have been tagged with inaccuracies by an audience that is very sensitive to any comment that I make. I disagree with a country that has over 50% of its people dependent on the government for part of its income. As Thomas Jefferson once said being dependent on the government is a dangerous thing (paraphrased). As you quoted Kennedy let me adjust his quote to fit our nation now, "Ask not what your country can do for you, demand it." Not only does this apply to those on some type of support, but to lobbyist, corporations, former politicians and others that I have failed to mention. By the way, we both are people of character and our personal integrity is worth a great deal to both of us. I don't cheat either.
Obama or not.....09/20/1312:42pmObama or not...America is a FANTASTIC place to live, I live in Mexico I HATE IT HERE! I would LOVE to come to live there. SO~. If you do not like America..then get the HELL OUT! And go live somewhere else and see if you like it!. I bit u 100 to 1 that u will come back!.
Don09/20/1312:11pmThis use to be a good country to live in, but with the radical stuff that Obama the anus wants to do this country will become weak, bankrupt and attract more anus people!! Get rid of Obamacare, Obama, illegal aliens, liberals and we may save this country yet. Cheer for Capitalism and boo for socialism and Obama the anus.
Good place to Live and Stay!09/20/138:22amChris? it is called: Freedom Of Speech, A Opinion, Statement...A Voice!. People have a right to say to what they mean. As for your statement- Look at yourself in the mirror, tell me what you see. U see an Optimistic person..OR a Pessimistic person? Remember Thanksgiving is in November..try to thank for WHAT YOU DO HAVE and that is a GOOD country.! As JFK said: What CAN YOU DO for YOUR country? How bout this---Try giving back the respect, kindness...if NOT? Well? you have a very BIG matter, problem & issue!. Oh yeah...BTW? your "forgiven"!. As for to this poll? I never cheat. I am not the type.
Chris09/19/138:17amMarie#3.. Ahhhh the young of someone who thinks she knows it all by responding with a personal attack. Why don't put forth a little effort by lifting yourself up and forming a logical thought to respond to someone who may challenge your thought patterns. Instead you try to censor people who differ from you and say that you promote an all inclusive democracy with freedom of speech for all. That is all who agree with you. Next I'll hear, "you don't know me so how can you say that about me?" Well just look at the personal attack you wrote about multiple people. Some of which don't even have a connect here. By the way, I think you are a reasonable person. So when you type your apology I just want you to know that its accepted.
Marie #309/17/138:19pmChris, what do you do when your in bed with your spouse? Do you talk about politics or do you have sex? Because I'm sorry to say this Chris: If it's politics, your spouse is CHEATING!!!! Are you going to give her a second chance? I think she deserves a second chance.
Chris09/16/138:46amDear Good Place... It is because we care so much about how good this country IS that we are so protective of it. We want to protect the great things about this country especially from the elected official in charge. This has been true from the days of Washington when people were saying, "We didn't trade George III for George I." through today when people question and challenge whoever is in office. It is a true American's nature to watch and question authority. Most recently, people bashed George W. Bush for his leadership and now people are bashing Barrack H. Obama for his leadership. Whether their efforts are for the general good were effective or not only time will tell. But we all want America to remain great.
Good place to stay and live09/16/135:52amCan we chat something other then "politics"????? hmm??? U ALL should be glad you are all living in a pretty good country. !!!!!!!!
Don09/16/135:00amChris well put!!! This country is in a lot of trouble thanks to that anus-Obama.
Marie #309/14/139:17pmCHRIS!!! LOL!!!!!! You disappeared for a while. All of a sudden politics comes up in just a small, dilly-dad question........and here YOU are back again!! LOL!!!!!!! LMAO!!
Chris09/13/136:12pmThe body had a debate on which part should be the boss. The brain said, "I should be the boss because I control everything." The eyes said, "We should be the boss because we see everything." The stomach said, "I should be the boss because I feed all of you." Finally, the anus said, "I should be the boss", but before the anus could finish the other body parts started to laugh. So the anus stopped working. After a couple of days of life without the anus the brain became foggy and couldn't control anything, the eyes clouded up and couldn't see anything, the stomach started grumbling and couldn't feed the body. Then all of the body parts agreed that the anus was the boss of the body. The moral of the story is that you don't need to be a brain to be a boss. Just an anus. And that's how we got our president.
Don09/11/135:52amAre they ever going to change this question? I think it has been beat to death. My question is What would you do if you controlled everything like this jerk Obama? I would first defund Obamacare and get rid of it completely. Then I would go after immigration and collect all illegal aliens and deport them. Build electricifed fencing and all boarders up by Canada and the southern boarders. Making sure no one could cross on top of the ground and also underneath the ground since they like to dig tunnels in the southern state boarders. Then we would work on our economy with jobs also stop giving money to other countries, keep it here at home. That's a start. We need to build our country back up from the inside out. This jerk of a president has made America weak in the eyes of other countries. He needs to be deported back to some muslim country and that's if they would take him. Also get rid of the liberal thinking in our colleges and every day life.
Marie #309/08/1311:19amTo Good place to stay and live, if I were President I would change some things in the healthcare system. I would keep the costs down by allowing the patients to see a nurse rather than seeing a doctor all the time for most injuries. Another thing I would do is throw out all homeless shelters and give the homeless a better chance in life and that of course is including homeless children. Another thing I would do is make divorces a lot more easier and if a couple have been living together for a year or more they are legally married. This is a cheating country. We cant stop the cheating. So I would try and make it fair for both parties.
Brenda08/31/136:50pmNot enough information. Circumstances would inform my decision.
Good place to Stay & Live08/31/137:57amSo very true #3 Marie!. SO VERY TRUE!. We-You should be greatful to live in a country like America. Goverment is the WORST cheaters known to man. We pay our taxes and we get rammed up the poopoo. LOL. I? do not care anymore what is told, said or posted on here...people posts their comments and do not realize that they are in a good country. I am not voting anymore..cause NO MATTER WHO WE GET? WE GET REALLY SCREWED! I care about this country that we live should others.! But they do not realise they?!. Ehhh whateverrrrr. Lord giveth...well? u know the rest of this ...govermenth taketh away!. GRRR. Let me ask you all this....if you were the President...what WOULD YOU Change OR DO to make this country MUCH better????????
Marie #308/30/136:28pmPsychic..The Psychic: Who are you referring to? You know, in some countries like Iran you are punished severely if you are caught cheating on your spouse. For women: You are stoned to death!
STOP it now..ok? 08/29/139:25amYou are just lucky that you live a good country...try living in Syria, Egypt...Iran OR any other country. U want to come back to America so~~ fast that u'll be happy to live back here in America. You will be happy to call America "HOME"! So!, NOW? stop your complaining! This is NOT Obamas is the people ABOVE HIM...that has him on a string.!!!!!!!
Tired of being cheated on08/28/135:49pmEveryone who said they would dump their partner if they cheated on them is a liar! I mean the Obamas are screwing everbody in this country and the majority of the nation voted to keep them. Thank God we'll be rid of them in 2016, but we'll have to put up with their legacies.
Psychic..The Psychic08/22/137:01amThere is two people here, that REALLY should be together.
Ryder08/19/135:16amThis question was posted before on this web-site and my comment stays the same. I would NEVER ever give my spouse a second chance. And I know my spouse would never ever give me that second chance either. I think we should have another topic now. This poll is getting really boring now!
Marie #308/18/1311:46amDonny, your story and situation is very interesting. Can you please tell us more?
Frank08/14/135:52amDidn't vote...we ALL cheat!. So WTF?
Douglas08/12/1312:33pmNo marriage is perfect. NO marriage is, Perfect!. I am single guy..and no relationships for me. I do not have a girlfriend, nor am I married. NO, I am NOT gay! I just want to wait for a bit for that nice woman to come along..well? someday I know she will. If I caught my "spouse" cheating? OUT---OUT THE DOOR!. This is why I am and WANT to wait!. I do NOT believe in cheating with on another person nor having my "spouse" to cheat on me!.
Joan08/12/139:31amWell? Marie #3? You know what the old saying says/goes. There is alot of fishes in the sea..BUT question is...which fish is the real GOOD one. lol. Oh goes on..right?. I was told by a psychic that there is another man for me. Sometimes "Psychics" tell you what you WANT to hear....So? who knows...who's to say. I'm just letting God take care of this. I, myself am a day to day type of gal. You, have a good day, Marie!.
Marie #308/11/136:40pmDonny, I really feel for you. Let this person know you are interested in them. I believe that will really help you a lot. Get OUT of this partnership you have. Get out of it now! It always gets better. Like you too, Joan it will get better. I think your second negative man is the right guy. I've only been married and divorced once. I would like to have another marriage with the right man. I hope I will find the right man.
Joan08/11/1311:33amOUUCCHHH!, you sound like me, Donny! I feel for you, I really do!. Let me put to you this way, also let me explain, my life is not good neither. This is my second marriage. I had a very terrible, horrible 1st marriage!. My 1st husband cheated on me many times. I couldn't leave because I wanted this marriage to work. I did EVERYTHING in my power to make my 1st marriage "heavenly" But?, it didn't work out. My 1st husband hurt me WAY~~ too much, but he was also Bipolar. With my second marriage..well? it is better but? my 2nd husband is very negative. He puts his own life wayyy down. He hates when it rains outside..he ALWAYS wants the sun out (wants a sunny beautiful day, EVERYDAY!). To put this bluntly he is never optimisic on ALL types of his life. GRR..ohh..I think you and I? Donny? are having our luck, sigh..oh well!. Sad and tired?!..yeah,...that's me to!!!
Donny08/11/139:10amMarie#3 I will say is a different life style behind closed doors, (not good..if you get my drift). I have someone else in mind. But I will NOT comment on this person. Nor will I comment on my "sex". I am VERY sad and VERY tired! My "Wife" is NOT really my wife at all..Like I said in my post I live "Comman-law" life in & outdoors. BUT, alot of people see us, when BOTH of us are outside of these doors?..It's not what you TRULY do see. I can't explain on this issue. Our family is having a tough time right now, alot of commotion (personaly). AGAIN? I can not explain.
Marie #308/10/139:50pmDonny, when you say you and your wife have a different lifestyle in the home, I was wondering: Do you both have sex? Are you with someone else? Do you want someone else? How do you cope with this?
...........08/09/138:04amOk..why not just say "Donny And Marie"..!!! LOL!!.
Marie Marie Marie08/08/139:47pmMarie and Marie: Why 2 Marie's? This is too confusing. 1st Marie: I totally disagree with you. "A bad business arrangement?" Ahhhhh!! Poor baby!! Tell him if he's that miserable to separate from his wife or get a divorce. Chris can be a pain in the rear end, but I agree with him in this case, especially since he's not talking about politics!! Grow up. Look in the mirror. Love yourself and move on. 2nd Marie: Why another Marie? Why not call yourself another name? And um I disagree with you too, because your name is Marie.
Marie08/08/134:48pmMarie, give me a a break! He tells you what he wants you to know. He could be telling you lies. I'm telling you he is using YOU and you are a fool for allowing it. You've found some great excuses, "My parents" and "I'm damaged goods" and "You're angry and judgemental". You can blame anyone you want, but it doesn't change a thing. You are responsible for your own actions and until you take responsibility nothing will change. As for angry and judgemental. Angry no. Judgemental no. That's just what people when they are confronted say "I don't like it when I'm called on behaviors that deep down I know are wrong." The next thing you'll writeis "You don't know who I am or where I come from." Its time to wake up and stop leaning on those crutches (excuses) you have developed. Or would you rather continue ruining your own and three other lives?
Donny 08/07/137:35amMy other half ("wife", Debbie) and I live common-law. She has had ALWAYS cheated on me!! I am very..VERY SAD! and VERY tired!. We have to "ACT" like we are a married couple outside our home...but in-doors? a very, VERY different life-style!.
Marie08/06/132:42pmChris i am not in his daughters life... i just hear him talk about her behavior as a result of the constant fighting in their household.... i am damaged due to my parents and their lack of love and nurturing... was on my own from a young age and know even if smart and athletic the pitfalls of not knowing what caring does.... And you seem like a very angry and judgemental person....
Chris08/05/135:54pmMarie did you ever think YOU ARE the reason why his daughter thinks the way she does? Did you ever think that YOU ARE a major contributor to the dysfunction just as the PARENTS ARE? Take it from a man, money is an excuse. He's comfortable. The wife is comfortable. You are comfortable. You say you are damaged goods because you want to be damaged goods and controlled by this man. If he cheats on his wife what makes you think he wont't cheat on you? Its time to get out of this enabling and dysfunctional relationship and seek some help for yourself. If you really care about the daughter like you say you do then you'll break this cycle and give her a chance so she doesn't become damaged goods.
Velella08/05/132:16pmI would have to judge by the individual situation. Infidelity doesn't necessarily break every relationship. And there are also many and varied reasons why someone may take a lover. Everything is subjective.
Marie08/05/136:13amI am involved with a married man .. We were friends for six yrs first and our relationship has cont for six years more. I thk i stay first because i do love him and second because im damaged.... he stays in the marriage or as he calls it " a bad business arrangement" because he admits he is a coward, his daughter, he'll be financially screwed and god forbid the community thks bad of him. He married at 21 and the 25th anniversary is approaching... I believe she knows but doesnt want to deal.. i feel bad for their daughter and the examples being set.
Erin08/01/137:50amNo question. To the door with them. If they wanted out or wanted someone else at least do me the curtesy of ending it with me first.
Jackie07/31/139:31amNo second chance for me..THANKYOU..been there and DONE That TOO many times!
ENOUGH NOW...ok?? LIKE???07/28/137:22amLike 'FOCK' ME...YUUUKKKK!!! Yes, I am 'focking' sick of it too..PUKE..PUKE! Had ENOUGH of reading about "OBAMA". Like "Canada" said..we had that post already". And yes, Edie? go and 'focking' cheat ok?
Spark07/27/134:39pmEdie, get a spark in your life and go CHEAT! Forget about Obama! Sick of hearing about Obama!!!!!!
Edie07/26/1311:11amSorry Charlie.....Did not vote for Obama. I would not vote for that dodo head. He sucks dodo!!
Cananda07/25/1312:58pmNO MORE POST ON OR ABOUT OBAMA! We had that post already! Ohh I know, how about post on The weather?. Ohhhh that would be something hmm?? Well? at least it is NOT about Obama. Had enough reading about him. You voted for you gotta suffer the consequences. Our Prime-rib roast is not any better over here in Canada. We have to suffer with our mean, we here get it up the ass too! NOPE, No more about Obama. We had that post already..!
Edie07/25/138:27amWe need another poll. This one has been beat around enough. If he or she cheats they need to be dropped kicked the hell out of here. :) This next poll should be on repealing Obamacare and impeaching that stupid dodo breath Obama out of office. :)
Not Quite there07/24/1310:20amPeople cheat because their relationship gets too comfortable/routine or they are just bored. You have to keep the spark, the romance and communication going. Hold each other, kiss in public, say I Love You everyday and do things together like you did when you first met. Make the extra effort to do and be good to each other. This is how you earn each other's love and share each other's life.
Dododuhduh07/24/134:54amYEAH...I am!!!!
Last Chance07/21/132:30pmWill somebody please come on here who has cheated on their husband/wife and explain why they cheated? And if you were caught, if you are still with your spouse today? I have a feeling a man on here is cheating bad. Just tell it like it is.
Slick07/10/139:18amStuff happens
Blowing wind07/02/134:54pmIf he/she is rich you dump him because you have your freedom from a louse and can start again,without stress. If you know that without him you are going to be piss poor you stay with him and make a deal...we are just friends.....until you put away enough money to dump him/her without stress of struggling and poverty. You can never trust that person again an unseen cord is broken.
DeEtta06/18/135:10pmWhat you allow is what will continue. What's to say he/she won't do it again. Cheating is like killing, the more you do it the easier it gets. If my husband was allowed to stay after cheating, he would be in a chastity device 24/7 and only let out for hygeine purposes and to have sex with me. Keeps the likelihood of STD's to nil anyway.
Nelly06/14/1311:43amHot topic and growing issue for all of married/ mutual attached relations. I voted for YES. Furious at first but once everyone settled down and with proper talk, reasoning what happen and made him do it as long he said sorry wether he will do it again or what not i will take it as a challenge for me to see what are the changes in me from before or after we got married and do my best to let him know how much we love each other at the first place. Times we as a woman tend to neglect things what we are before, caring,sweet andsensible as we are being pass by having baby,taking care of them,house and such that we forgot our spouses needs too. I know its too much to handle as a woman and thats how woman are so amazing that they are called home maker. im separeted but i dont regret not doing this. This is what i can do and every relation it takes two to fix it and one to break it. :)
Louise06/10/131:50amNO WAY! You let someone do that to you once, you can expect it to happen in the future and they will just think you'll forgive them all over again. Stupid move!
Steph06/02/132:51pmAhhh Chris, aren't you sooo smart! With boring men like you around, a woman must have some fun time. Money and shopping!!
Chris06/01/137:23pmAhhh Steph, your true colors come out. If love of spouse doesn't work you'll compromise and go with love of money.
Steph05/31/136:09pmLori, that is so cool. I'm so happy you stayed with him. That's a real, true love!!
Lori05/30/1311:27pmBeen there. My ego wanted to walk away. But my Heart wanted him that much. it was hard but I found forgiveness for him because I love him.
Anonymous05/30/137:07amI did not vote nor do I have a comment on this cause we ALL cheat on each other. No matter WHO we are! We all Lie! We all do something that is not right to one-another.! Nope, sorry I have no comment on this...cause we ALL DO IT we ALL hurt one another in ONE way OR another!!! !!! !!!!
Andy05/28/1312:20pmStep, that is a stupid answer. You would do better by divorcing the jerk and taking him to the cleaners. This way you are supported and your kids are supported and you don't have to live with the slez bag that screwed around on you.
Steph05/27/134:45pmI do have something to add to this subject: It also depends on the state I am living in and my age. Meaning at my age now I would not tolerate cheating but if I were younger and living in a state that did not give aid to women and/or help women as much, I would possibly stay in the marriage if my spouse was cheating on me. If we had children, I was a housewife and not employed, and my spouse made a very good income. Maybe to be "safe" and for my children, I would stay in the marriage.
Good, Now stick with the subject.05/27/137:40amLOL Chris..Well? at least you sticking with the subject Or at least trying to...let's see if you CAN stick with it, for the rest of this time?! I have voted "Undecided" for this question.
Steph05/25/136:19pmThat's because you like me Chris.
Chris05/25/132:47pmSteph, if you were my spouse I would cheat to get the hell out of the marriage.
Stick with the subject, CHRIS05/25/131:10pmThat a boy, Steph!! You got MY "2 thumbs up vote" on your comment! ENOUGH WITH OBAMA! Like? LET HIM ALONE! I have been trying to say this for a while now. Stick with the subject. Obama is ANOTHER subject! Besides YOU, Chris and whomever else whats to chat about Obama GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. You ARE the MOST boring..YYYYAAAWWWWNNNNN!!! Now then Let me talk bout my spouse I would NOT go back OR have him to return..YES..See? how easy this is, Chris?????? Now? Letr's see if you can do it..OHHH YOU CAN DO IT..I know you, Chris..Come-on..try to say something about the subject that is, was asked AND provided for ya...TRY it..ok? Come-on prutty pease???? I even asked PLEASE!!.
Steph05/25/139:42amMy vote, NO SECOND CHANCES. If I caught my spouse cheating I would leave him in a heartbeat. There are other men out there. See how easy this was Chris? Stick with the subject. Your boring comments about politics make me sleepy.......YAWN!!
Obama is a good man05/23/131:15pmObama is a good man compare to our Canadian PM Stephen Harper. ALL should live here in Ontario where our news is Rob Ford and Mike Duffy!...NOW???? there is something to talk about. The 2 most jerks and jack asses that we Ontarioians have, on top of Stephen Harper. such a lovely world out today..isn't there? Stop complaining. Look and count YOUR own blessings. Obama is a GOOD man campare to our Prime-Rib-Roast PM......
Ok..change we r changing the subject to:05/23/137:16amI guess this question is change to...What do you think about Obama? AND not the question that was posted or provided for you. Ok..Let's stick with OBAMA! What do you all think about Obama?????????????????????
Chris05/22/138:45pmMelissa, your comment, "Lets learn from Chris and Debbie: Never put down others because of their beliefs in religion or politics" is an oxymoron. It does exactly what it is intended to prevent! Why don't you take a look at my comments on 5/17 and you may have an entirely different opinion. Or is it like someone else wrote that everyone is jumping on the liberal bandwagon and not giving someone else who is viewed as a conservative a chance. Just so you know, I didn't like big goverment when Reagan was in office either.
Tom05/22/137:44amWhat happens here is that some liberals will protect and support Obama even though he is the worst president in history!!! All his lies are finally catching up with him. By the way We live in America and can comment on anything we want including the lousy president, so just deal with it. Obamacare will be another one of his failures so deal with that also, and by the way Have a Wonderful Day!!!!
Chris05/21/138:07pmSteph, you need to take a chill pill! If you would take a moment to look at all of my comments you would see that I have made no mention of the President. The only comparison made between my comments and the President was made by you. That is interesting when you think about it, especially so when you consider that you may be backing and supporting the President. Is your answer for anyone you disagree with or tire of is to tell them to go away? Sounds strangely like some of the Immigration Policies that have been propsed. Maybe your anger is diplaced and got the better of you. Perhaps you did not understand who the message was directed to. Anyway, you sound like someone of reasonable intelligence. Why don't you look at all of messages on this site and I defy you to show me where I have attacked the President? I think you will see these messages in a different light after a complete review. I'm not asking you to agree with me. I'm just asking you to review all the messages and then make your comment.
Gold Digger05/21/136:50pmWhat if you married a very wealthy man and later in the marriage he would go out and "party with the guys" and of course he was with his share of women. Would you leave your rich man? I would stay in the marriage, tolerate his cheating, and go shopping!!!!!
Stick with the subject05/21/137:17amWe are not sticking with this subject that has been posted/provided for us. ENOUGH WITH OBAMA!!!! Obama was ALREADY been the subject..this is a NEW ONE...LIKE HELLLLOO?????? Can we NOT stick with the question that is and has BEEN posted/provided for you all??? Or is this too much to ask??? ENOUGH NOW...LIKE??? FOCK OFF!!! WITH OBAMA! That WAS ANOTHER subject!.
Melissa05/20/137:43pmEva Marie, at least half the country are Liberals. We are Americans. We all have our own beliefs. I am sick of people posting statements about Liberals and our President. Our President, Obama, like it or not is our President. He is doing the best he can. Stop putting down our President and Americans. If you don't like it here: MOVE!!!! Tom, you're adding fuel to the fire (as usual). Don't add to this. Just place your thoughts and comments on the poll. I am not stating any more comments on here. I am a parent and I am a good parent. I will defend myself.
Eva Marie05/20/1312:13pmI know this site is asking about cheating, but this is more important when someone is threatening bodily harm to another person. You are just showing a liberals true colors. Like Obama and his Administration including the IRS all they know is how to cheat, lie and threaten people. Debbie was not talking about you personally but what she sees in her everyday life so lighten up and as Tom says keep that liberal crap to yourself. Noone should be threatening anyone......Take a chill sister Melissa and deal with the fact that most of America is not pleased with the way liberals are trying to destroy the country. Just Smile!!!!
Tom05/20/1311:13amBoy what a mess on this site. Debbie, Chris have the right to say what they want it is still a free country.....right?? I know Obama is trying to take that away........and the liberals are right there with him!!! If you want to be liberal who cares just don't force your crap on me and the other normal conservative Americans!! Now about the cheating thing. No they should not get another chance. Get rid of them!
Jack05/20/1310:45amYes..I agree with this 100%. Let's stick with this subject. This subject is NOT about Religion NOR Politics! Religion & Politics? that is located on another web-page!.
Let's stick with the subject05/20/137:25amLET'S STICK WITH THE SUBJECT...NOT THE B.S!. OK? ENOUGH NOW WITH POLITICS AND RELIGION AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS NOT OR WAS POSTED IN THIS PAGE. THIS IS NOT THE SUBJECT THAT WAS PROVIDED OR EVEN WAS POSTED. ENOUGH NOW...GET IT?!!. IF YOU CAN'T STICK WITH THE SUBJECT THAT IS OR PROVIDED TO US..THEN...U KNOW WHAT TO DO...GET----LOST!!!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND POST THIS CRAP. THIS SUBJECT WAS NOT ASKED!. NOW..then, I voted that I will never ever take my spouse back. Cheating is NOT the one thing that I will take the second time around. I catch my spouse cheating?? OUT OF THE HOUSE and DO NOT come back! No matter who you are. Woman OR a man! SEE? how easy that is? STICK WITH THE SUBJECT!!!!
Melissa05/19/132:07pmDebbie, if you ever say I am a bad parent again I am going to try my hardest to get your address and beat the living crap out of you!! How dare you say Liberals are bad parents!! I raised my son right Thank you very much!! My son attends college and is earning a very big professional degree. He has a nice cell phone that he earned and a decent car he also earned. He is loved by me and other family members. Take a step back lady and SHUT your mouth. Lets learn from Chris and Debbie: Never put down others because of their beliefs in religion or politics.
Let's stick to the subject05/19/136:58amYes..I agree with you, Steph. Chris? this subject is CLOSED!. The Obama subject is CLOSED now! Let's stick to THIS subject now...ok? FYI..if you had forgotten the subject..I will post it and write again here for ya...ok? "If you caught your spouse cheating, would you give them a second chance?.
Steph05/18/133:02pmCHRIS CHRIS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!! Stop talking about Obama!! This poll is about another subject. CHRIS: Stop talking about yourself!! You bore me and others. Lets stick with the subject here please. Please leave this site if you continue to talk about Obama and yourself.
Chris05/17/137:52pmDebbie as I said before, you obviously have some very strong feelings based upon your experiences. I tend to be conservative in my views as well, but I also reserve the right to be independent when I disagree. I believe that everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, but he or she also has the responsibility to educate him or herself on a topic so he or she is fully informed and may amend his or her opinion. People tend to be big on Rights, but forget about repsonsibilities. As to Washington and big government interfering in my life, I don't want it taking place either. As soon as you accept $1 Washington and big government start to tell you how to run things. Sometimes for the better, but usually for the more expensive and worse. Being politically correct may not settle well with you and other people, but I'm sure that sterotyping is even worse. I'm sure you would be livid if I lumped you into a group of single mothers on welfare who do drugs and don't give a damn where their children are at night. That's what I mean about painting everyone with the same paint brush. We all need to find out who others are before we place them into a group. I would have made a terrible mistake and isolated a wonderful person if I had made that assumption. By the way Lara (previos comment) very intersting comment. I love the part about respect. Sorry if I messed up your name, but I can't go back and forth to double check.
Debbie05/17/1311:28amHey Chris, I only speak the truth about liberals. Now we all have to be politically correct which is bull. That came from the liberal A-Holes.....I hope you are not liberal. You seem very nice. But if you are there is time to come back to the good side. Big government is never good. I do not want some moran in DC trying to tell me what to do, what to buy, eat etc. Capitalism and conservatism is what we need. I guess I get fustrated on what this stupid president is doing to the country. He is totally a socialist and needs to be impeached especially on what is going on now. You know he is part all the junk going on now. Shame on him for making the US look so bad. What a moran. You know that he hates America and wants to see our country crumble and go belly up.
Lara05/15/137:56pmI have witnessed this: Men are more likely to cheat than women. Like the female dog, women are territorial. Like the male dog, men like to roam around and "experiment". After the marriage vows, if either spouse cheats, leave NOW. They will never change. You can love someone and cheat. But it's almost impossible to love and RESPECT someone and cheat. It's hard to find that type of partner that can last a lifetime.
Chris05/15/137:55pmDebbie, you obviously feel very strong about a number of issues based upon youtr life experiences. I respect many of your view points and I admire your dedication to your son and his up bringing. I'm sure he is a credit to you, himself, his family, and the community he lives in. Just a word of caution not to paint liberals as spoiling parents who don't care about their kids and do drugs. In my career I've met quite a few conservative parents who behave in much the same manner. I think your real issue may be those who have more than ample resources can blow it all on distractions rather than their focus on their families. You and others like you struggled for every resource you had and sometimes you and your son did without to make it. During these times of doing without it hurt you emotionally and you pained for your son, but the two of you always had love as a family. Need is unfair and never should happened, but I hear the pride of your efforts and love for your son and family in your words.
Debbie05/10/137:11amThanks Chris, but I just did what a parent should do and that is to care about my child enough to make sure he turned out to be a responsible person. If you look around at the liberal parents out there. They brush there kids off with money, cell phones, computers, cars etc to get them out of there hair so they can drink, take there cocaine etc. It seems these parents are all about themselves and forgot about the kids. That is why there are shootings at schools, these kids could of been saved along with the poor innocents that were shot if the parents took interest in their kids. Being a parent is the hardest job and you have to be in for the long haul and till the day you die. Liberals need to get out of my business and yours. Gun ownership is my right, per the constitution. Immigration needs to be dealt with. Deport them all including the kids they had here illegally. If they want to come here do it the legal way. Get rid of Obamacare and impeach Obama and I would be a happy camper. I want my capitalist country back. Well I guess I will get off my soap box now. Have a Wonderful Day and Weekend Chris and Everyone else!! :)
Chris05/09/133:51pmCongratulations Debbie! You are a woman who is be admired. You didn't look for excuses. Instead you looked at your son and you found success for both of you. Sure it was difficult, but it was and remains rewarding and no one can ever take that away from you. You were a strong woman in the beginning and you are much stronger now thanks to your determination, self-reliance, and independence. I admire you for these traits and many people, women and men alike, can take a lesson from you.
Debbie05/09/1310:49amHi Chris, to answer your question. The free loading kids will not make it and that is why they need a president like Obama who is out there saying how the governemnt will help them and take care of them....but in reality the government will be taking all of your rights away while they are taking care of you. the youth of today does not see that till it is too late. My son was raised by me alone. I divorced my husband when my son was three. We struggled but made it and my son knows how to survive he had to work from the age of 16 so he appreciates what he has and knows that what is going on now is wrong. I watch the news--Fox news because I do no trust the main stream media. They have a habit of not telling the truth. I just hope we all make it. Obamacare is another blunder. Immigration--don't get me started on that either.
Chris05/08/135:43pmThank you Debbie for voicing your support. Its tough drawing and holding the line. I have a question for your consideration. Have you ever noticed how our current generation of young voters want to be independent and free of their parents, but they also want a government to take care of them? It really make you wonder what will happen when they are truely on their own for the first time.
Debbie05/07/1311:27amChris your awesome!! I agree with you 100%. This is due to the liberialism factor! You have to be politically correct, you cannot discipline your children. I remember being able to spank my child when he was bad. Now they will put you in jail and you'll be luckly to get out. Kids have no respect for adults, themselves or their piers. That is another reason for the school shootings. People do not understand what is happening to our youth. My son is now 30 and is a wonderful son. He was a typical kid, but never got in trouble went to school and was picky about who he made friends with. He was smart and mature and disciplined. He is now married to a sweet girl. He does not want kids due to the fact of the world is going down the toilet and Obama is pressing the handle down. The teachings in school are turning liberal. College professors are liberal and trying to push their sick agendas. It makes me sad because I would love to have a grand child to love and spoil. Maybe the American people will wake up and see that liberalism/socialism is not the answer, but capitalism and way less government is the answer. One more thing, sorry this really burns my butt.....Do not give a free ride to the illegal aliens that came into this country. Round them up and deport them. Our system cannot handle these low life free loaders and I do not want to pay for them. Thank you!
Chris05/06/1312:05pmShari, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am a former principal of a middle school and I have taught tens of thousands of adolescents in my thirty-five year career. The biggest change that has taken place over the years has been the decline in general social skills and the increase in ego-centrism of students. If you don't believe me just take a gander of the harassment efforts and the school violence that has taken place over the past twenty years. I'm not saying that lack of social skills is the reason for the increase in school violence, but it is a contributing factor. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into our schools in an effort to decrease harassment and school violence while improving social skills. Many times schools teach not only the students, but the parents who are children emotionally as well. Schools keep the standards for the community while the community complains. For example, I required all males to remove their hats while in the building. Sounds simple and gentlemen do this, but you should have heard the gripping. The next time you are in a restaurant look at the people wearing hats while they are eating. This may sound simple to you and may have nothing to do with harassment and school violence, but these are the basic skills that others notice and are called manners. If children don't master these and other social graces of society they do not learn the standards for getting along with others, they lose opportunities for better paying jobs, and they cannot organize kick ball games without the help of an adult (hence the solution of predetermined teams) and they do not consider the feelings of others (a basic skill in a relationship andf marriage). So I ask you, who is doing the student a disservice? Oh, by the way, schools need to achieve 100% passing compliance on state mandated testing in addition to helping students learn how to get along with each other. Yes, I have taught social skills in a respectful manner, have organized and developed programs to help students improve in this area, and asked for the support of parents in this effort. Maybe you should give it a try with one before you make comment about me and my efforts with tens of thousands.
Shari05/04/132:47pmChris, I can't believe you're disrespecting your children online! They are children! They can't organize a game of kick ball so that means they cannot have a decent respectful marriage?? Are you nuts? As far as parenting Chris, that's not the subject here. If you want your children to play kick ball, teach them in a respectful, fun way and stop hurting your children and other people.
Donald05/04/1311:12amNo second chance for me. My wife slept with another man. SO..I do agree with you Kym..women can be JUST as bad!. We men do have a heart to. Though I do admit that we can be worse then women. I will vote for that. BUT? I? myself I can not cheat on another woman like this. Once I make my commintment..I AM AND WANT TO STICK WITH IT!. And some thing should go for a woman!
Amanda04/30/135:11pmI will not be with someone who will go and have sex with someone else. I have been too emotionally, psychologically, and physically compromised to be able to handle that. If that happened to me, and this isn't right for everyone I admit, but I would kick that cheater out as soon as I found out. Literally.
Kym J. 04/24/1311:47amYes, U are right about that Chris, It DOES take two. We, women can be (JUST) as bad too. I will agree to that!. And yes, Elaine, You are right bout celebs. They get married so many times they end up in a divorce just as many times. Look at the late Elizabeth Taylor? She is one good example. Marie Osmond gets married to the first husband the third time around. And Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are "MAYBE" splitting. SO?? again? It DOES take TWO!! I can say this though---you can't live with one without the other. LOL! You be dam if you dam if you don't.! There is other fishes in the sea!
Chris04/23/1310:55amElaine, no problem. I agree with you about the "disposable" marriages that are so common place in our society. Many kids can't organize a game of kickball. How do you expect them to grow up and handle a marriage? By the way Elaine, your mother gave you excellent advice. My parents told me the same thing to make sure I was resonsible before I got myself into a situation.
Elaine04/22/137:24amSorry Chris! You are right, now adays women cheat as much as men lately. People do not take commitment seriously anymore. Look at the so called movie stars. they sleep around and get divorced so often its discusting. I have no respect for any of those jerks.
Chris04/18/137:55pmWhy are men getting all the blame here!?! It takes two for a roll in the hay. If you ask me, any one who cheats on his or her spouse is a pig, MAN or WOMAN. Ladies you need to accept this. There is no double standard here. If Feminism and Equal Right and RESPONSIBILITIES are to eliminate double standards then it must eliminate all double standards. You cannot pick and choose the double standards you like and dislike. You are correct when me start to think with the wrong head bad things tend to happen. But the same can be said about women when they start thinking under passion.
Elaine04/17/1310:52amReading the comments, I do believe men given a chance will cheat and cheat again. My mother gave me a bit of advice when I was growing up and here it is: A man's stiff pecker has no conscious. That is the truth. They are animals especially when women dress like hoe's. Men just cannot control themselves I guess they are pigs.
Chris04/14/137:44pmThere are no absolutes with humans regardless of man or woman. Some of the reactions surprise me. Maybe, but not if in our bed. If men cheat once they will cheat again. The real questions are What is the strength of your integrity? What is your character worth? What are you willing to lose to stray out side of your marriage? As a man I would never place myself in a position where I had the opportunity to cheat and I have the same expectation for my wife. People forget the importance of their their wedding to be held in a church and officiated by an ordained cleric. If it was that important to marry in a church and to make your vows before God it should be important enough now to keep your vows before God now. Remember the Ten Commandments? Thou shalt not commit adultry.
Shelley04/12/136:39pmI think once a man gets away with cheating he will cheat again
Joan04/12/137:49amI think this question was asked before. BUT? I am gonna say this again. Will NOT gave a second chance...NO WAY! My cousin remarried her 1st husband for her 3rd time/marriage..why?? I do not know. She should of known better the 1st time around. BUT? apparently? she is 'doing well' on her 3rd marriage to her 1st husband.! SO? things can OR will/do change. BUT? myself? no...I will not gave that second chance. I will forgive...but I will never forget!.
Debbie04/11/138:09amI don't believe in a second chance when your spouse cheats. You could never trust them again. The hurt and pain is also an issue. You cry and blame yourself for your spouse's inability to keep their pants zipped. Once they cheat they will always cheat. They could also bring home a disease.
Jeff04/10/132:17pmThe answer definitely depends on the circumstances. My gut reaction is to say absolutely not... no second chances. But then again it really depends on several factors, like how much was invested in the marriage (i.e. length of time married and kids). Also, most importantly, what was the reason for the affair. I just don't think it's cut and dry. The key I guess is to find out why they are together in the first place and see if there is anything left worth salvaging.
Marcia Brady04/06/137:28pmWOOOO! Now wait a second! Does this question mean I caught my spouse in "the nasty?" Or I caught my spouse in "the nasty" in our bed? If so, then NOOOOOOOOOO IT'S OVER!! Or does it mean that I heard or found out he was cheating? If that's the case, then yes, there may be a second chance. And another thing: Was our sex life good? Did we trust each other? Was it worth the mistake? Or should I just marry Greg Brady?

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