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If the cashier at a store accidentally undercharges you by a large amount, would you point it out to him/her, or remain silent?

Total Voters: 579
I would point it out 65%
I would not say anything 65%
I don't know 65%
Dave02/13/071:10pmI would tell them because 1) they may just be having a bad day...Maybe someone is ill in their family or maybe they are ill...2) Quite likely, it will come out of their paycheck...3) It's the noble thing to do... Look at the reverse: Would you say anything if they shortchanged you? Remember, just like the laws of physics, there is a consequence for every action...
Brandi02/13/077:08amNo i wouldnt because the person should of chech it twice to make sure! its not my fault if they dont notice it so why should i point it out
Hallie02/12/071:03pmI would tell them because we all make math mistakes or are having a bad day.
Kaomashi02/11/076:28pmYou don't know me but i've visited this site a few times.... Oh i would point it out for the sake of that cashier because if i were the cashhier, i would want someone to point it out to me. It would really suck if no one did and i'd be furious!!!!plus, I'd get really good karma which i desperately need...
Carolyn02/11/077:06amA cashier recently charged me $5 when it should have been $50. I pointed out her error because I thought the store might have a policy of deducting the shortage from her pay. Why should she pay for my groceries?
Tina02/11/075:40amI believe in karma, and I don't need any bad karma. Descreetly, tell your cashier to avoid their embarassment. You'll sleep easier.
Denise02/11/075:34amI was brought up with that old saying what comes around goes around. AND what if the shoes was on the other foot? If a register is off 9 out of 10 take it out of the cashiers pay it does not effect the the poor cashier who hardly makes it losses can you live with that???
Maria B.02/11/075:02amHonestly, it would depend on what kind of store it is... if it were a little convenience store, yeah, I would... if it were a really big supermarket, like Walmart... well, thump Walmart!
Evol02/11/073:00amSomeone mentioned karma. I would consider it my karma paying off for myself. I doubt it would give me bad karma, as I didn't willfully intend to cheat the store. Like the MONOPOLY card "bank error in your favor", I'd figure I must've deserved the unexpected discount.
Maia02/10/0710:10pmOf course I would - he or she could get fired over it!
M.02/10/078:11pmI would most certainely point it out. I am not about to sell my soul for a few dollars!
Jen02/10/072:41pmYou kidding. i wouldn't say a thing. I would chalk it up to a good day
Ciara02/10/071:17pmIf the cashier at a store accidentally undercharges me by a large amount, i would not point it out because i would be saving money. it happened to me once.
Jo02/09/0710:57amIf it was a very small amount say like a few cents or dimes then I would not bother but anything larger then I would.
Nina02/09/077:24amI would not say anything its would not be my fault and its the cashier job to make sure they know what they are doing not mine. i would think of it as my lucky day!
Peggy02/08/079:12pmI believe in karma, so if I let it go by, then I would lose something important to me later. I hate to think that I would lose something important to me for some money that really was not mine to keep. What goes around comes back around at times that cam be important.
Mia02/08/072:13amI say I don't know because it would depend on the amount, and quite possibly the item may have been on sale and the price on the shelf did not reflect that. I also would have to gauge whether the cashier seemed to be "together" and not chatting with other people, or on their cell phone, or just plain not paying attention to what they were doing. If I received too much change back, i would DEFINITELY point it out and return the money. i would point it out to the cashier...i have to admitt though that i HAVE done the opposite in the past, but for my own defense/excuse, it must also be said that it was only done because during that single incident, i found the cashier very unsympathetic and rude...almost like cashing in for his bad Karma right away! ;-D

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