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If you discovered that a co-worker at your job was stealing from the company, would you report it to management?

Total Voters: 593
Yes 64%
No 64%
Maybe 64%
Athena09/22/062:40amWhat were they stealing? if it was food out the breakroom..could i help them instead...same with money.... if it were pencils or paperclips could i say something to embarass them and then they would stop... if it were client info they were using for a personal nature then it would be a whole other ball of wax wouldn't it?
Feathers1 09/21/064:56pmI would rather be a snitch then the one accused of being the theif
Jennifer09/19/067:26amI'm not a snitch
Kimberly09/18/062:51amHow could someone do that is the most disloaraly hing anyone could do at there work place and say if thery could have kid would thery like there kids 2 c them lock up or so they have trust they sould respect from the coworkers
Reba09/17/063:33pmWhy protect someone who is doing something inethical? Underpaid, overpaid, both are irrelevant. People should be responsible and accountable for their OWN actions, not worry about someone elses. not saying something IS a CHOICE to do NOTHING. A choice is an action. There is no moral debate. One should not protect a theif, regardless of the victim. It is ones responsibility to protect VICTIMS, not theives.
Truth09/15/066:35pmStop making excuses for stealing. Stealing is wrong no matter who you steal from. Rat someone out?? Please. Trying to justify your actions by saying companies are crooks and therefore deserve to be stolen from is absolute nonsense. Companies are made of of people, and stealing from people is wrong no matter how you look at it.
Tristan09/14/061:47pmNo I would not report it to management. How many companies do you know of that are 100 percent honest? There are NONE and if you think that there are honest companies out there, feel free to drop on your head. Companies are there to make money and they will use and abuse their staff. Most individuals are underpaid and how many bosses do you know actually give two cents about that? Those of you who would tell are what corporate companies call brown-nosers. Companies love ****s like you because they know that you literally have no self esteem or self worth. They know that in order for you to feel as though you are a good person, you have to rat someone out.
Debz09/11/068:20pmU jst dont do that sort of thing, y would u want 2 it is really wrong.
Precious09/11/062:25pmIt's just wrong. How is it know wrong but yet do nothing it becomes your wrong also.
Maria09/09/066:07amIf 1 person stole it would make it o.k for the rest to steal from the company, there for there would be no company if you let people ( co workers away with it.
Kristine09/08/066:02pmThere are a lot of reasons why people do unpleasant things but whatever the reasons are, the fact that dishonesty is still a bad thing. There are also a lot of ways to get money. you can borrow from someone or simply ask for permission. Stealing is still a crime that once you are caught doing that, it would brand an impression on you. Fight square and fair. The true system is unjust. By ourselves, we can live a dignified lives even if we have nothing by standing up to our principles and moral values. Stealing in any form is always NOT good.
Leo09/07/067:30amI would tell. It's wrong and dishonest and also its all our responsability to let the owner know cause each point person makes a difference in a company
Tracy09/06/067:17pmMy boss is also my friend and he works hard . I dont think anyone has the right to steal from another they should pay just like all the rest of us.
Liz09/06/0610:59amI wouldn't say anything cuz its not my business to judge that person when they could possibly have reason to steal in the 1st place.most ppl know stealing is wrong and understand that there are consequenses if they get caught.what if the motive is to support thier family or/and children.and yes,i know not everyone in the world thinks like that and just steal cuz they feel like it.but i know im far from perfect so therefore im not gonna trick just 2 kiss ass or cuz i think its "wrong".if i didnt see or hear nothing,then i dont know anything either.
Hoopster09/05/069:18pmI would not 'tattle' right off the bat. I would confront the person and tell them that if I know someone else is bound to find out. Stop now -- I will HAVE to turn you in if you don't. My job could be at stake. I am not your keeper but I could be implicated.
Jackie09/01/068:08amI would report it. I have no problem turning in theives or liers. If they are stealing from the company, then they would steal from their co-workers. Why keep a person around who is dishonest and untrustworthy? Why work with a person like that?
Phoenix Rising08/31/067:58pmI definetly would not tell if I caught a co-worker stealing. Like the good book says: "Judge not, lest you be judged." It also says: "Tho shall not steal." and "I am not my brothers keeper." Or my neighbours keeper or my co-workers. I would not feel like it was my responsibility in any way shape or form to report someone stealing from the company. I look at it like this: what goes around comes around and if you steal the odds are against you anyway. I don't need to be a 'busy-body' going around causing trouble unnecessarily. For the benefit of what? some nameless, faceless corporation that views all employees as dispensible and easily replaceable?? Please. Come on people! Think for yourselves!
Janese08/31/067:39pmI feel that if a co-worker is stealing for the company then in essence they are stealing from me as well. If a company isn't making money then they can not afford to give raises.
Dee08/30/061:46amMy philosophy is ďif you canít do the time, donít do the crime!!Ē Would I grass?, NO but nor would I want to have anything to do with the person concerned.
Marie08/29/066:38amI would not report it to the company at first but I would confront my co-worker and give him or her the opportunity to tell the company. If my co-worker doesn't want to admit it then and only then I will go to the superior.
Carina08/29/061:25amOfcourse you have to report it. What would happen if everybody went around and stole a little here and there...?! However, I might actually confront my co-worker before reporting it. I would let the person know that I didn't agree with what he/she did and that it was against regulations. If the person maintained his/her habit, I would report it.
Amy08/28/067:04pmYeah, i guess it would depend on the situation and what actually happened. you know, like if i caught them on a regular basis stealing for theyre own pleasures, id report it. other situations i might let it slide.
Purpleso08/27/0612:24pmI think it all depends on the situation.
Cheri08/26/067:32amHell yes. stealing is wrong, and in the long run it hurts all who work there. If the thefts are big, you can kiss any bonuses or raises good-bye because they will be used to replace the thefts
LustfulMind08/26/065:19amIn a situation like this, first of all u'd need to weigh the act...IF the act of the person in question seems to weigh too much--both quantitively & morally-- it is then best to approach the person in question, and have a good talk with that person, trying to pursuade him/her to "undo" the deed, & u'd tell him/her that if he/she refused to somehow make up for the act, then u'd feel obligated to report the act without mentioning any names, and if he/she still wouldn't cooperate, then u'd be forced to move on to the next level, & confiding your boss the identity of the perpetrator... The 2 very important things in this case are: 1)First & foremost weigh & balance the act... 2)And if it does turn out to be a relatively serious act, u'd still do everything within your power NOT to make the perpetrator feel as though u were morally superior to him/her, or that u were being a "corporate sucker"....but that u did this, solely from a moral disposition.
Lainey08/26/064:02amStealing is stealing...there is no reason. Would you feel ok if it was out of your handbag because she was a widow?
Free08/25/061:39pmHow sad that so many of you accept your sad little roles as puppets of the system. You live your lives being told what to do and what not to do...what's acceptable and what is not....judging anything that moves. What if the person stealing was a widdow and had 2 kids and was barely making it, and planned to pay whatever they stole back? What if they were shorted in their paycheck, went through the system to try to get it set right, and it never was, so they decided to balance the debt. What if....what if....but then, I guess there are no what ifs in the world, huh? You all can't see past your own corporate and government installed blinders. Sad. If your neighbor "looked" like a terrorist, would you report him to Homeland Security? I bet most of you fear suckers would say yes. Go about your own damn lives and stop blaming and interfering in the lives of others. But that would be too easy. Your ego wouldn't get stroked for being an "upstanding citizen" if you just minded your own business. What a sorry load of pathetic turds that infest this planet. Drop the fear, grow spines and live your own lives people. Too sad.
Chick08/25/064:24amI would ask them the reason why and if they had a good enough reason then I may not tell particularly if it was something small like stationary.

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