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Preparing for a Rune Reading

Before using the runes it is important to get in touch with the energies they represent. Runes are made from the earth’s natural elements like wood, clay, or stone. As such, they have a natural resonance with the earth and with the universe. The runes draw upon the universal energies and embody them. The runic symbols tap into something deep in the human unconscious mind. Each one contains a series of meanings, and a rune cast will create a logical connection between each one even where the conscious mind sees none. The runes have many different layers of meanings, and each rune is modified by those runes preceding and following in a cast. So it is essential to be perceptive in order to understand which elements of each rune are being expressed.

A good way to prepare yourself for a rune reading is by meditation. Meditation allows your body and mind to completely relax while letting go of all judgments and expectations. Listen to the silence within you. The peace and stillness you find in meditation is the universal flow of energy.

When consulting the runes it is always important to phrase the question properly. Avoid asking multiple questions of one rune cast. The more precise the question, the more precise will be the answer.

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