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Category: Bladder
   Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey
Ingredients: 8oz water, 1-2 tsp honey, 1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar
Symptoms: helps with bladder infections, painful joints, allergies, sore throats, flu, sinus infections, and high cholesterol.
Description: water must be warm enough to dissolve honey. mix all ingredients in a glass, top with ice if desired. drink several times per day as soon as symptoms start. can also be used daily as a preventative. the minerals contained in apple cider vinegar — such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, natural silicon, pectin, and tartaric acids —are important in fighting body toxins, inhibiting unfriendly bacteria . . . and helping the body to maintain its vital acid/alkaline balance.
Additional Info: i've used this many times to cure what used to be frequent bladder infections. i used this at a time where the earliest i could see a doctor was 4 days later. 4 days of a bladder infection is horrible! after 4 days of vinegar/honey treatment, i kept my appointment and the dr was surprised to find that there was no trace of infection.
Submitted by:        Anonymous
     Submitted  08/01/2006

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