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Category: Depression
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Ingredients: Depression is a disease...and not easily overcome by yourself. It is very different from being sad and often is caused by chemical imbalances. Depression is not something that a person wills away!! If you think you are suffering from depression it is important to take action!
Symptoms: oversleeping,feeling disconnected, bouts of overwhelming sadness and/or lack of emotions, trouble working or doing normal day functions. and so on...
Description: With that being said a good remedy for depression is EXERCISE because it stimulates the production of chemicals in the body which help to fight depression, in addition to giving a person more energy. I have always been a good natured and extremely happy person, but after recovering from a bad accident I would go through bouts of depression. It took me a while to discover that that was what it was because I was in theory happy! However I was oversleeping and unable to work and had trouble connecting and feeling things as I had in the past. Socializing became very strained. In high school my sister suffered from depression as a result of a illness and bad mixture of medication, so I recognized the symptons and knew I had to do something. I turned to exercise and though it is hard at times to maintain the inspiration...I know it is important because when I do lapse on my program the symptoms begin to return!

--This disease is very personal to me, as I almost lost my sister to it, due to the mentality of people ignoring it as a real disease and telling people to just will it away. My sister's depression was an extreme case and req. prescription medication. But even in mild cases action should be taken, so drink some tea, workout or find what works for you..and get well because you are loved and needed in this world. ...sorry for the long rant!
Additional Info: This remedy helps in general, but don't forget that depression is a very serious disease and if you have suffered from it chronically for long period of time it is VERY important to see a doctor- WEstern, spiritual or whatnot ..just get yourself back!!
Submitted by:        Anonymous
     Submitted  07/15/2006

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