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Category: Depression
   Healthy Living avoidance of substances (esp alcohol)
Ingredients: Integrity, common sense, proper sleep, proper diet and exercise. Learn to love work. Volunteer. GETTING OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND OFF YOUR PITY POT....KEEPING BUSY.
Symptoms: Lack of energy, sadness or the blues not related to grief about events or the lack of them that last longer than a week to ten days. Or grieving that doesn't end in a reasonable time...grieving or sadness that becomes a way of life.
Description: Most people don't realize that depression is the most common malady of improper living habits. Alcohol and other substances like nicotine are depressants and give you a double whammy by depleting necessary nutrients in the body esp. the B-vitamins.
Additional Info: Exercise helps to regulate hormones and proper sleep functions when done at proper times (early on in your day) diet that provides complex carbohydrates found in fruit (you need 5-6 daily) and vegetables help enormously to lift energy levels, and when one's energy levels are high, so are their spirits. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND OFF YOUR PITY POT...FIND A CAUSE. A WORK PROJECT OR A FRIEND IN NEED OF HELP. VOLUNTEER! HELPING OTHERS HELPS YOU SOLVE PROBLEMS OF YOUR OWN WITHOUT YOU REALIZING IT MANY TIMES.
Submitted by:        Anonymous
     Submitted  10/23/2006

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