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Category: Depression
   It Begins and Ends with YOU
Ingredients: Expression, you, your feelings, people in your life. your job, family.
Description: Ok what is it that depresses you? Think about it. Have you gone to the root of your depression? Is the way you live affecting you? For the worse? Change it. YOU have the POWER. Go to the source and LET IT OUT. It works! Try it you may like the reults! I did and do still.
Cut out the dramma. Who has time for it? Good Luck and God Bless.
Additional Info: A few years ago I fell into a major state of depression. I hated my job, my family,my kids,my friends, everything was a BIG disappointment.(really). My boss told me to go see my Dr. when I went to talk to her about my attitude(it was very negative). I went to see him and he put me on an antidepressant. It didn't solve my problem only numbed it. When my Attitude didn't get better my boss asked if I was still on the meds. I told her I was and she said to go have my Dr. up the dose because it wasn't working. (I worked at a Dr.'s office- how convenient) I told her NO I was not. I wasn't going to take drugs in order to deal with my life and/or work. I gave her my notice and got my old job back Which kept me active and social and I had always loved it. I told my kids and my husband things had better change or I was out of there too. I told my friends and family that I loved them and I would be for them but that I had enough of MY OWN Drama and to find someone else to deal with theirs or deal w/ it their onwnselves, to leave me out of it from now on. I quit taking the meds and started thinking POSITIVELY for a change.4 months later I bought my own business and I was happy! And was my old boss GREEN!!! I kept my other job and my new one for a while until I couldn't do both. I've had my business now for 2 1/2 years now and things are GOOD. Life is still hectic and my kids still don't mind and my husband could be a little more understanding of things and help out a little more around the house and with the kids but life is GOOD. ITS ALL IN THE WAY YOU DEAL WITH IT. GOOD LUCK. HOPE THIS HELPS.
Submitted by:        IT HAPPENED TO ME
     Submitted  11/29/2006

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