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Category: Depression
   dont fall behind on the past
Ingredients: Stay calm and forget about him/her.. there might be times when you think hurting your self, feels like thats the only way out but its not.. write poems or sing,or draw pictures of what you feel.. do anything but hurt your self because all hurting your self does is leave, scar's and thats not what you want in any way.. love is a game and we all have played it once or twice or more but getting cheated on, thats the worst player of the game.. life isnt easy and it never will be.. just try to keep your self together make sure you have a friend by your side at all times and it will soon ease..
Symptoms: crying, hiding, no sleep, anxiety, sometimes you see things that arnt really there.
Description: Getting cheated on, And not being able to trust anyone ever agian But you want to but it just, feels like everyone is going to hurt you, but one day you will find that, someone that wont hurt you and it will take a long time to forget because, No one can forget about that in just a few days, it hurts for a really long time.. till this day im not extremly sure i can, trust the one im with now and i love this person with all my heart..
Additional Info: Seeing them cheating and then they denie it..What idiots!
Submitted by:        Anonymous
     Submitted  04/21/2007

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