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Category: Depression
   Getting over it, one day at a time
Ingredients: Happiness, prayer, meditations, journaling
Symptoms: crying, anxiety, worrying, thinking about the past
Description: crying, anxiety, worrying, thinking about the past
Additional Info: You know life really gets to you when you are bombarded with numerous problems in life all at once, domestic violence, loss of self esteem, loss of job, loss of mother, loss of husband due to addiction to crack, enormous financial issues, loss of freinds, not alot of family there for you, Pray Pray to god everyday he is with you. perserverance is the key. it hurts like hell but you are never saddled with more than you can handle . sometimes we try to fix our lives, maybe we need to stop and just really give it all to God, he knows what he's doing he's had ourlives plannes since before we were born the end result is all the same, we can fight him or Join Him- He is the master of all
Submitted by:        Anonymous
     Submitted  05/04/2007

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