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Category: Hemorrhoids
Ingredients: medicated and cleansing pads with witch hazel, soothing gel with aloe and, Colace (or other stool softener), Suppositories, fiber and drinking water, horse chestnut
Symptoms: Burning, inflammation, swelling and extreme pain in the anal area. Constant itching of the infected area. Painful bowel movements sometimes accompanied with bleeding.
Description: Whenever you have to go to the bathroom always wipe the infected area with cleansing pads and apply a hydrating gel with aloe to alleviate the burning and pain. Also take a stool softener to avoid more discomfort while going to the bathroom. Suppositories also help. Do not eat spicy foods. Drink lots of water and eat fiber. Horse chestnut is also another herb you can try.
Additional Info: Pain may also be alleviated by taking frequent "sitz baths" when you fill the tub about half full with hot water and soak for 10-15 min. - do not add any soaps or gels to the bath.
Submitted by:        Gina
     Submitted  03/14/2006

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