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Category: Skin
   Poison Oak Troubles?
Ingredients: Honey.
Symptoms: Red Rash. Itchy, oozing, irritated, burning, dry cracking often painful and annoying, becomes worse with heat, spreads easilly.
Description: A friend once told me of a website that had a long list of remedies for poison Oak...I had got it on my face (luckilly I had managed to keep it there) however I was still absolutely miserable. This website told a long list of remedies that I could use in both preventing and soothening the symptoms of this itchy rash that always pops up around the beginning of summer.
Additional Info: On this site I learned of a girl who had grown up having to work in an apple orchard. She constantly caught poison oak, having to go through it to pick the apples. However after she started taking care of bees, and eating honey on an almost daily basis, she discovered she had developed an immunity to poison oak. She has not caugh it sense and still goes through it on a daily basis.
Submitted by:        Tsuruki472
     Submitted  06/05/2006

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