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Ear Remedies

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Ear Remedies
  1. Ear Aches  
        Heat one tea spoon of olive oil until ju ...
  2. Updated: 07/17/2010    
  3. ear infection remedy  
        put in ear canal for 5 minutes
  4. Updated: 06/05/2006    
  5. Ear Wax or pain remedy  
        To dissolve wax build-up or reduce ear i ...
  6. Updated: 03/07/2006    
  7. Kelp - Herb/Nutrient  
        Kelp contains nearly thirty minerals whi ...
  8. Updated: 03/15/2006    
  9. To help clean fungal infections from ear.  
        Apply vinegar and water solution with ea ...
  10. Updated: 06/03/2006    

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