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Frank Borman
Biographical Information

Birth Date:March 14, 1928
Astrology Sign:Pisces
Chinese Sign:Dragon - Yang
Birth Name:Frank Frederick Borman II
Birth Place:Gary, IN


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Frank Borman

Biography:Frank Borman

Frank Frederick Borman, II Astronaut Nationality: American Date of birth: March 14, 1928 Place of birth: Gary, Indiana Previous Occupation: Test Pilot Rank: Colonel, USAF Time Spent in Space: 19d 21h 35m Selection: 1962 NASA Group Mission(s): Gemini 7, Apollo 8 Mission Insignia: Frank Frederick Borman, II (born March 14, 1928) was a NASA astronaut, best remembered as one of the three crewmembers of Apollo 8, the first mission to fly around the Moon.

Borman was born in Gary, Indiana. Because he suffered from numerous sinus problems in the cold and damp weather, his father packed up the family and moved to the better climate of Tucson, Arizona, which Borman considers his home town. He started to fly at the age of 15. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1950, and along with part of his graduating glass, he entered the U.S. Air Force and became a fighter pilot. Later, he was selected for the U.S.A.F. test pilot school and became a test pilot. He was selected for the second NASA astronaut group in 1962.

His first spaceflight was in Gemini 7 in 1965, with astronaut James A. Lovell, Jr.. highlighted by the first space rendezvous with Gemini 6A. Gemini 7 was also the long-endurance flight of the Gemini program, staying in orbit for 14 days. His second significant flight was as commander of the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968. In this one, he flew with James Lovell again, and also with William A. Anders The mission was originally planned as a Saturn V-powered "Large Earth Orbit" mission to test tracking and communication, but this was changed into the first lunar orbit mission. Apollo 8 went into lunar orbit and made 10 orbits of the Moon in December 1968. This was a springboard in NASA's (successful) attempt to land a man on the moon on 20 July 1969 with Apollo 11.

Borman retired from NASA and the Air Force in 1970, becoming special advisor to Eastern Airlines. He rose in the ranks of Eastern, becoming CEO in December 1975. The airline business underwent many changes in the late 1970s, and Eastern did well under Borman, reporting the four most profitable years in company history during his tenure. Borman retired from Eastern in 1986.

Borman then returned to Tucson, Arizona, to reside, and currently lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico , where he enjoys rebuilding and flying airplanes from World War II and the Korean era. His current favorite airplane is a dual-control TF-51 Mustang fighter.

Chinese Horoscope for Frank Borman
Includes characteristics and Vices
Frank Borman's Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Year: January 23, 1928 - February 09, 1929
Birthday: March 14, 1928

The Dragon is a Yang,
and is the Fifth sign of the Chinese horoscope.

Good Health

Personality and Character Cards:
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Frank Borman's Personality Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune - Personality Card

Birthday: March 14, 1928

A new chapter is starting; problems are solved through changes in circumstances.

Frank Borman's Character Tarot Card The Magician - Character Card

Birthday: March 14, 1928

Creative initiative, skill and opportunities for new ventures.

This year's Growth Tarot Card
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Frank Borman's Growth Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune

Birthday: March 14, 2018

A new chapter is starting; problems are solved through changes in circumstances.




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