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Susan B. Anthony
Biographical Information

Birth Date:February 15, 1820
Astrology Sign:Aquarius
Chinese Sign: -
Birth Name:Susan Brownell Anthony
Birth Place:Adams, MA
Died Date:March 13, 1906


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Susan B. Anthony

Biography:Susan B. Anthony Susan Brownell Anthony, (February 15, 1820 - March 13, 1906) was a prominent, independent and well educated American civil rights leader who, along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, led the effort to secure Women's suffrage in the United States.

Anthony was born and raised in Adams, Massachusetts, the daughter of Quakers. Susan B. Anthony was the second born of eight children in a strict Quaker family. Susan was a precocious child and she learned to read and write at the age of three. Her father, Daniel Anthony, was a stern man, a Quaker Abolitionist and a cotton manufacturer. He believed in guiding his children instead of directing them. He did not allow them to experience the childish amusements of toys, games, and music, which were seen as distractions from the “Inner Light”. Instead, he enforced self-discipline, principled convictions, and belief in one's own self-worth.

In 1826, the Anthonys moved from Massachusetts to Battensville, N.Y. where Susan attended a district school. When the teacher refused to teach Susan long division, Susan was taken out of school and taught in a "home school" set up by her father. A woman teacher named Mary Perkins ran the school. Perkins offered a new image of womanhood to Susan and her sisters. Ultimately, Susan was sent to boarding school near Philadelphia.

Anthony was independent and educated and held a position that had traditionally been reserved to young men. She taught for 15 years and worked at a female academy, called Eunice Kenyon's Quaker boarding school, in upstate New York from 1846-1849. After, she settled in her family home in Rochester, New York. It was here that she began her first public crusade on behalf of temperance. While in Rochester, she attended the Unitarian Church.

Anthony was very self-conscious, both of her looks (one eye always pointed slightly outwards) and of her speaking abilities. She long resisted public speaking for fear her speech would not be good enough. However, throughout her lifetime, Anthony worked endlessly. She traveled thousands of miles each year throughout the United States and Europe giving speeches on suffrage (75 to 100 speeches per year for 45 years). She traveled by carriage, wagon, train, mule, stagecoach, ship, submarine, ferry boat and sleigh.

Anthony died at Rochester, New York, on March 13, 1906 and is buried there in Mount Hope Cemetery. Anthony is known as "The Mother of us all."

Personality and Character Cards:
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Susan B. Anthony's Personality Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune - Personality Card

Birthday: February 15, 1820

A new chapter is starting; problems are solved through changes in circumstances.

Susan B. Anthony's Character Tarot Card The Magician - Character Card

Birthday: February 15, 1820

Creative initiative, skill and opportunities for new ventures.

This year's Growth Tarot Card
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Susan B. Anthony's Growth Tarot Card The Hierophant

Birthday: February 15, 2022

Guidance on religious matters and the need to find spiritual meaning in life.




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