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Wolfman Jack
Biographical Information

Birth Date:January 21, 1939
Astrology Sign:Aquarius
Chinese Sign:Tiger - Yang
Birth Name:Robert Weston Smith
Birth Place:Brooklyn, NY
Died Date:July 1, 1995


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Wolfman Jack

Biography:Wolfman Jack in order to conceal his real identity from the XERF listeners and from his daytime employers at KCIJ-AM in Shreveport. Logan says that when Smith began to create his gravely voiced character of Wolfman Jack to which he added a howl, he told Bob Smith:

That howl of yours would wake a dead man and that dead man might be Hank Williams and he, sure as hell, doesn't want you "Howling at the Moon."

Again according to Logan, the taping came to an end when Brandon began offering XERF listeners an autographed picture of Jesus. It was then that Bob Smith took off from Shreveport to visit Arturo Gonzalez at his law office on Pecan Street in Del Rio. It was Gonzalez who sent him across the U.S.-Mexico border each day to do live programs from the studio of XERF at Ciudad Acuña for Inter-American Radio Advertising, Inc., which Gonzalez operated from his law office.

Wolfman Jack's program was broadcast to much of the United States and into Canada. He played whatever music he liked, regardless of the performer's ethnicity. Any night a listener might hear a mix of blues music, rockabilly, doo-wop, zydeco, rock and roll, jump blues, rhythm and blues or jazz.

He frequently punctuated his broadcasts with howls, which, along with his gravelly voice, made him instantly recognizable. His style was borrowed from both Alan Freed and bluesman Howlin' Wolf. Many listeners assumed that Bob Smith was African American, though in fact he was of European descent.

His career from 1962 to 1964 in Ciudad Acuña was not without incident because he twice found himself involved in gun play during which victims died. Due to the lawlessness of the area Bob Smith, after a brief detour to a Minneapolis station, took himself and his character of Wolfman Jack towards the West Coast and XERB, another border blaster that could reach Los Angeles, California.

Cameo in American Graffiti Only in 1973, by appearing in the George Lucas film American Graffiti, did Wolfman Jack allow the public to see him. His broadcasts tie the film together and a main character catching a glimpse of the mysterious Wolfman is a pivotal scene. Lucas also gave the Wolfman a fraction of a "point", the divination of the profits from a film, in gratitude for his participation in the seminal project and it was the proceeds from this that finally allowed the deejay to be assured a regular income for the rest of his life.

Television career Bob Smith appeared in several films and television shows as Wolfman Jack. They included The Midnight Special; The Wolfman Jack Show, The Odd Couple, What's Happening,Vega$, Married...With Children, and Galactica 1980 in which he interacts with a Cylon Centurian. He also furnished his voice in the 1974 Guess Who's tribute, the top 40 hit single, "Clap for the Wolfman".

In July 1974 Wolfman Jack was the MC for the Ozark Music Festival, a three-day event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds, in Sedalia, Missouri. This was a huge Rock Festival and some estimates have put the crowd count at 350,000 people which would make this one of the largest music events (Rock Festivals) in history (that never seemed to have happened).

Radio Caroline When the one surviving ship in what had originally been a pirate radio network of Radio Caroline North and Radio Caroline South sank in 1980, a search began to find a replacement. Due to the laws passed in the UK in 1967, it became necessary for the sales operation to be situated in the USA. For a time the manager of Wolfman Jack acted as the West Coast agent for the planned new Radio Caroline.

As a part of this process Wolfman Jack was set to deliver the morning shows on the new station. To that end Wolfman Jack did record a number of programs which were never aired due to the failure of the station to come on air according to schedule. (It eventually returned from a new ship in 1983 which remained at sea until 1990.) Today those tapes are traded among collectors of his work.

Death Wolfman Jack died of a heart attack in Belvedere, North Carolina, on July 1, 1995, at only 56 years of age. The day before his death, he had finished broadcasting his last live radio program, a weekly program nationally syndicated from Planet Hollywood in downtown Washington, D.C. Wolfman Jack said that night "I can't wait to get home and give Lou a hug, I haven't missed her this much in years." Wolfman had been on the road, promoting his new autobiography "Confessions of a Rock and Roll Animal." Lou Lamb Smith, Wolfman's wife did get that hug. She met Wolfman at the door of their home as he arrived from the airport. He opened his arms wide, smiled and said "One more time." As Lou went to hug him, Wolfman collapsed in her arms, and died.

XM Beginning in 2006, a '60s-themed channel on XM Satellite Radio began airing a regular program utilizing airchecks from Wolfman Jack's older syndicated shows. The XM show currently airs several times weekly.

Honors A memorial was dedicated to his memory at Del Rio, Texas, where he first began his career as Wolfman Jack.

Wolfman Jack was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1996.

Achievements: (Filmography)
American Graffiti (1973)

Chinese Horoscope for Wolfman Jack
Includes characteristics and Vices
Wolfman Jack's Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Year: January 31, 1938 - February 18, 1939
Birthday: January 21, 1939

The Tiger is a Yang,
and is the Third sign of the Chinese horoscope.

Good Luck

Personality and Character Cards:
Personality and character cards are identical!

Wolfman Jack's Personality Tarot Card Strength - Personality Card

Birthday: January 21, 1939

A time for self-awareness involving courage, strength, and determination.

This year's Growth Tarot Card
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Wolfman Jack's Growth Tarot Card The Empress

Birthday: January 21, 2024

Abundance, fruitfulness and fertility; perhaps marriage or children.




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