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The child of Jason and Hypsipyle, originally called Opheltes. In Nemea, Hypsipyle was met by the 'Seven against Thebes', and the heroes asked her to take them to a well, all the ones they had come across so far having been dry, seemingly as a punishment levied on them by Dionysos, the guardian deity of Thebes. Hypsipyle agreed, but first laid the child on the ground in the wood, contrary to advice previously received from an oracle. When she and the heroes got back, they found the child dead, within the coils of a snake. Tydeus and Kapaneus would have slain the serpent, but Amphiaraos announced it to be a miraculous creature, sent by Zeus as an evilomen. In honour of this, he renamed the child Archemoros, which means 'the dawn of mystery.'

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