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Son of Belos, who was himself a son of Poseidon and Libya, Danaos quarreled with his brother, Aegyptos, and taking his fifty daughters with him, sailed to Argos, where he was kindly received by the king. At this time, Argos was suffering under the curse of a deadly drought, which Poseidon had sent, and Danaos sent his daughters to find a spring and bring back some water. It was while so engaged that one of them, Amymone, threw a spear at a stag, which missed but hit a sleeping Satyr. Pursued by the satyr, Amymone called on Poseidon for help, and the sea god, smitten by her beauty, drove off the satyr, took the girl, and caused a perennial stream to flow, there at Lerna. Amuymone bore a son to Poseidon, Nauplios, who lured seafaring travellers to their deaths by deliberate misdirection, and enriched himself by plundering their cargoes.

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