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One of the three sons of Kronos, Poseidon (also known as Neptune)was allotted the dominion over the sea when the world was divided between thethree brothers, Zeus, Hades and himself. Poseidon was given total control and domination over the water element, and thus became the god of the sea. He vied with Athene for the sovereignty of the soil of Attica, the gods agreeing that whoever could perform the greatest wonder, while at the same time conferring the most usefulgift on the land, should have dominion over Attica.With a stroke of his trident Poseidoncaused a brackish spring to well up on the Acropolis of Athens, a rock feethigh, which had previously been totally arid and without water. But Athene went onebetter, causing the first olive tree to grow on the same barren rock, and therebywon the contest, gaining sovereignty over Attica.

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