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Goddesses of the seasons, they were daughters of Zeus and Themis, and were of indeterminate number. They were directly under the control of the higher gods, such as Zeus and Hera, and were often found in the company of the Charites. They could also be found with Aphrodite, and with Apollo and the Muses, delighting in the wonder of nature. Their duties also included the regulation of the weather, in respect to the sowing, germinating and harvesting of crops. They were tender and loving, and were always good to mankind.Another phase of the character of the Horae was to act as guides to human morality and propriety, and for this task in particular, three Horae were selected. Their names were Eunomia (wise legislation), Dike (justice) and Eirene (peace). Chloris, also known as Flora, goddess of buds and flowers, was also styled as a Hora.

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