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Also known as Juno, Hera was the wife of Zeus, and as such the Queen of Olympus. However, she was frequently jealous, angry and quarrelsome, and mistrustful of her husband, who, it must be said, was less than faithful to her. She was lofty and proud, aloof and cold, and prone to bitterness. The marriage of Zeus and Hera was never a smooth one;in one instance, Hera threw her own son, Hephaestos, off Olympus, because he was a cripple. In another, Zeus hung her out of Olympus with two great weights attached to her feet, and her arms bound by golden chains, as punishment for her having plotted against Hercules. Again, Hera tried to chain down Zeus, with the help of Poseidon and Athene, but the arrival of Thetis with the sea giant Aegaeon put paid to their plans.

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