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Son ofKing Tantalos, it was Pelops' flesh that was set before the gods by his father, Tantaloshaving invited them to a feast in order to test their omniscience. The gods, however, perceived the trick, and restored Pelops to life, replacing the shoulderthey had already eaten with one of ivory, and despatched Tantalos to Tartaros for hiscrime.Pelops grew to manhood under the guidance of the gods, especially Poseidon, from whom he learned the art of managing horses, and fell in love withHippodameia, daughter of the king of Elis. The king had been warned that his daughter's husband would kill him, so he had had an edict issued that any who couldoutrace him in a chariot race would have his daughter's hand, but all who failed wouldperish at his hand. Pelops, riding a golden chariot and winged horses, won, andHippodameia became his wife.

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