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Born a son of King Priam of Troy, and his wife Hekabe, it was prophesied by Cassandra that the boywould grow to be the death of his city. In order to try to avoid this, Priam had the childtaken to Mount Ida, where he hoped it would die of exposure. The baby Paris washowever found by shepherds, who brought him up. It was while under their care that the three goddesses, Aphrodite, Athene and Hera approached the young Trojan, commanding him to decide who was most beautiful. This was in reaction tothe gauntlet thrown down (almost literally) by Eris, when she cast a golden appleamong the three goddesses, advising them that the most beautiful of them could claimthe prize. Each thinking herself worthy of the prize, the three were referred by Zeus toParis.Each promised him something wonderful:Athene vowed that he should have immortal fame as a hero, Hera promised him the throne of Asia, while Aphrodite said that she would obtain for him the most beautiful woman in the world as hiswife. At length, and after much deliberation, Paris found for Aphrodite, and in so doingdrew down upon himself and his country the bitter enmity of the two losers.

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