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The son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, Triton was a minormarine god, and the herald of his father, Poseidon. When the sea was tossed by storms he was supposed to be blowing on a long twisted shell which he used as a horn, andwhen the storm had passed he would sound a gentle note. When Poseidon travelled onthe waves, it was Triton who announced his approach, and gathered the rest of themarine deities. His own servants were the Tritons, who looked like him, andperformed similar duties.In the war against the giants he rendered considerable serviceto Zeus by raising such a din with his shrill trumpet that the giants, fearing theapproach of some great sea monster, fled in fright.Triton and his Tritons weredepicted as of human form as far as the waist, covered with small scales, holding inhand a sea shell, their lower half that of a dolphin. Triton himself sailed across the seain a chariot drawn by horses.

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